week forty-six – summer à la gioia

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summer. yeah. good one. despite our not having reached the calendric winter by a long shot yet (although, saying that, i’m sure the month to come will fly by in a haze of christmas songs and quasi-winter winds), it most certainly feels like winter over here. apparently it even snowed in london yesterday, but having been preoccupied with my own cloudy mind i must’ve missed that. the days are growing shorter and shorter, and it sometimes feels like there’s no natural daylight anymore. i don’t know why the all-consuming darkness catches me off guard every single year, but it probably did this time ’round because it only feels like it’s been a couple of weeks since the actual summer.


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had the theme “summer” been chosen closer to the actual summer, i probably would’ve opted for a refreshing sorbet or something to be thrown on the bbq. as it stands, however, i have decided for something that isn’t specifically summer for other people (and what do they matter, right?) but that encapsulates the summer i’ve had with rahel. it makes me nostalgic just typing that and for the lack of time i shan’t succumb to strolling down memory lane farther than i already have. i decided to make focaccie. yes. plural. because food should be pluralised. i’m not sure even one picnic took place during our road trip in italy (good ol’ times) where we didn’t eat focaccia with ricotta and salami milanese and cherry tomatoes and everything fun. having made focaccia a couple of times before, i decided to stray away from my usual go to recipe (by leila lindholm, if anyone cares) and venture out with bakeress par excellence mary berry’s recipe. instead of one big loaf (again. plurals) i made four smaller ones, topping them with cherry tomatoes, pecorino, caramelised balsamic onions (a total win and the original topping in mary’s recipe) and a final version with goat’s cheese, honey and rosemary.


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it would’ve been most lovely to be sharing those with rahel, as opposed to eating them alllll byyyy myyyyseeeeeelf, maybe even as part of a belated birthday picnic in the almost-snow (happy birthday once more, my love), but hey. that’s how life goes. i know there are many more sunny picnics to come. and that’s something to look forward to in these cold times.


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