week forty-six – summer à la rahel

timing is a funny thing – the week we pick summer to be our theme turns out to be the week winter shows its first signs…right on time for my birthday, the temperatures dropped, icy winds blew the last few leaves from the branches and the first snowflakes fell from the sky.

while christmas decorations are going up all around, i still got to celebrate my birthday yesterday. it started with the pop of a champagne bottle at midnight, accompanied by lots and lots of hugs on the middle of the dance floor, with  the bee gee’s classic ‘how deep is your love’ running in the background. after a few hours of sleep in the company of the girls, i spent a perfect day filled with lots of good food, a birthday cake made by one of my roomies, topped with a sparks-shooting candle, lots of snowflakes (and some graupel, too), the finest selection of gifts and loads of lovin’; i honestly could not have imagined a better way to age another year (except of course gioia also being here. she did make me the most adorable acapella happy birthday video ever, though.).

so, birthday celebrations aside, welcome summer! this week, after choosing the new theme, i immediately knew what i was going to make. nothing could remind me of (this) summer more than the smallish, round biscuits gioia and i ate every single day during our trip through italy this year: TARALLI! only comprising flour, salt, olive oil and white wine, they’re very simple, but oh so good nonetheless. paired with fresh ricotta and olives, it’s the ideal treat for a sunset picnic, a quick snack before dinner, after swimming in the ocean at midnight, right before noon when lunch isn’t quite ready yet – anytime, basically. and if you don’t have ricotta and olives lying around (everyone should, but you know, just in case you don’t), try cream cheese and pesto, i speak from experience when i say it’s not the worst possible alternative.



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