week forty-seven- squash à la gioia

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sometimes strange things happen without one having expected them (stating the obvious since 1992). that’s how life goes. one of the stranger (but most certainly not the strangest) realisations this week was the fact that we’ve basically reached the last month of the year. just like that. thanks for that one, time. oh well. time passes for all of us, so i shan’t whine.

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i have been really busy this week. well, somehow less busy than i had thought. but also more. am i making sense? no. i’m not. am i rambling, however? yes. i absolutely am. i panicked a tad when i realised how busy i’d be this week, knowing that on top of musical and other meetings, uni, and working on my dissertation proposal due next week (yay. nawt), i’d, of course, have to cook for the blog.
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pumpkins are great. amazing, even. and just in season. and i could think of dozens of recipes centering da pumpkins and da squashes. but this week it had to be quick. real’ quick. like this post. so i decided to simply cook something i’d usually cook and combine it with the blog. what i ended up doing was a simple butternut squash and ricotta sauce i ate with some pasta and topped off with some pumpkin seeds i had roasted in pumpkin spice. easy. healthy. delicious. i am knackered.
next week, we’re scaling down: one-bite appetizers.
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