week forty-seven – squash à la rahel

howdydoodle! contrary to last week, the theme we picked for this week could not have been more appropriate. with thanksgiving coming at us at full speed, recipes with squashes and pumpkins were all around – ’tis the season, after all. apart from those three years i lived in the states for, thanksgiving wasn’t something we celebrated when i was growing up. and although there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the subject, the idea of gathering some of your favorite people, sharing a homemade feast with them and thinking of what there is to be thankful for always appealed to me. so this year, i invited the lovely daniela, julia and alina to have a little friendsgiving dinner with me (we also intended to do some schoolwork after dinner, but that part somehow got cut short…).


we left out the turkey and opted for a vegan friendsgiving dinner (i hope you’re thankful, alina :P), consisting of a stuffing with butternut squash, brussel sprouts and apples, a vegan loaf starring lentils and walnuts (or hazelnuts in our case) and kale with toasted rosemary walnuts. in the one and a half hours between uni ending and the arrival of the other two, alina and i cooked up a storm, somehow managing to get it all finished at the same time.


we lit some candles, opened the wine, reorganized the table settings to make room for the dishes and then alina graciously took over the role of photographer. very hungry and quite tired from the last few days (and nights – chm), we said our thanks and then dug in, gobbling our way through the yumminess.


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