week forty-eight – one-bite appetizers à la rahel

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due to the very packed week behind me, this week’s outcome is a wee bit improvised – a mixture of using up friendsgiving leftovers and last-minute cooking shenanigans. after starting into advent in the most christmassy way possible (a visit to the christmas market in basel and an afternoon tea with the typical swiss christmas cookies), my brain is slowly coming to terms with the fact that 2015 is ending slowly, but very surely, and christmas itself is drawing ever closer. this week also marked the beginning of secret santa gifting at uni, something i’m probably enjoying a bit too much.

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but back to food. looking through the contents of my fridge, i discovered the only half-used bag of brussel sprouts, having used only part of it for the stuffing last week. and so i asked myself: is there anything more bite-sized than brussel sprouts? they seemed perfect for the job.
now, i’m no expert on brussel sprouts. in fact, i’ve only ever cooked brussel sprouts two times in my life, including last week. i do like the taste of dem cuties, though, and was very curious to find out what else they could be good for. i typed in brussel sprouts and appetizers into the good old google search machine and voilà, the perfect solution to my challenge popped up within seconds: brussel sprout sliders!

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after roasting the halved brussel sprouts (let’s not count how many times i’ve used those two words, ok?) in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and (…wait for it) MAPLE SYRUP, i cut up some (leftover (oops)) prosciutto crudo and skewered them. tadaaaa – bite-sized appetizers finished.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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