week forty-nine – pancakes à la gioia

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pancakes. oh how i love them dearly. waffles? cereal? a full english? not for me. i’d have a good ol’ pancake for breakfast over any of the above any day. or for lunch. maybe for dinner. or as a snack. heck, i’m surprised i’ve never just gotten up in the middle of the night to make and eat pancakes. there aren’t many recipes i know by heart, where exact ingredients are required. however, considering my love for pancakes, i have made a conscious effort a couple of years back to learn my favourite pancake recipe. doing so has come in rather handy, and over the years i have cooked oh so many batches of fluffy, delicious round little pillows (my analogy game is strong today), not only for myself, but for people staying over and people not staying over.


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being the ever so creative chef that i am (as if), and always being on the hunt for new stuff to try, i decided not to rely on my tried and tested recipe, but to give something completely different a go. what i ended up doing claimed to be “german oven pancakes”, although in my opinion they were more like slightly sweet yorkshire puddings, and i failed to detect a single german thing about them. whilst i usually keep my pancake toppings rather simple, basically just liters and liters of maple syrup, i created a trilogy of toppings (oh me and my beloved trilogies), consisting of an apple cinnamon compote, some hot berries i cooked down with a bit of elderflower cordial, and a mixture of plain yogurt and the delicious chestnut puree i bought when we were in paris (memories. *sigh*).
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all in all, whilst these were nice, there’s nothing that can replace an actual pancake, it slowly rising in the pan and starting to bubble when it’s ready to be flipped. nothing to top the feeling of stacking them mile high before tucking in, or even make a mickey mouse one, should one be feeling super snazzy.
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