week fifty – childhood memory à la gioia

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it’s been a very star wars-y week. a very, very star wars-y week. up until ever so recently (well, a couple of weeks ago, really), i had only ever seen one of the movies of one of the most successful sagas in movie history, being episode iv, the first one ever shot. shocking, i know. but hey, at least i’m being honest about it. quite a few of my friends, namely the bunch of guys, happen to be massive (and that’s no understatement) star wars fanboys. when the trailer for episode vii came out a bit over a year ago, it was all they played in class, being as excited as i am about THE TEASER TRAILER OF “FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM” (despite there being nada in that short clip to truly get excited about other than the fact that it exists. and is coming out. next year. GAH!). so. naturally they wanted to go see the newest addition as soon as it came out. which here in the u.k. was on thursday. so george, #1 fan amongst the group, bought a handful of tickets to go see it at 6 a.m. (yes, that’s the one when it’s still night, basically) at the bfi london imax, which is europe’s biggest screen (after the formerly biggest one located in spain burned down, as the lovely employee giving a little speech before the film started told us). joining the guys seemed like a great chance to tick “watch all the star wars films at last” off of my birthday resolutions list. in the two weeks coming up to sw-day, all of the other films obviously had to be (re)watched, so i spent even more time than usual at the bunch of guys house (which is an official thing, btw. they have a facebook page. #legit), playing fifa and watching the prequels and then the original trilogy. and then, on thursday, the day had come. we got up way too bloody early (way, way too bloody early), made our ways to waterloo, marveled at the people dressed up as actual stormtroopers, and spent he next 135 minutes in a space haze. oh yeah. no spoilers. but i had a blast.

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the last of our star wars watching installments was on tuesday night. and i thought to myself (as one does): ‘what better time to be cooking blog stuffs for?’ i chose the new theme when i was skyping with rahel, and immediately upon seeing the words “childhood memory” written up on dat little slip of paper, tho, i knew what i’d made: wienerli im schlofrock, which for all you non-swiss-german-speakers translates to “wieners in a dressing gown”. the figurative dressing gown consisting of pastry. and that’s literally all there is to it. i used chicken frankfurters wrapped in puff pastry and brought them over to the guys’. well, “brought over”. the part that i didn’t drop trying to get on the bus. oooooh well. it happens. either way, they brought me right back to when i was still young and foolish, (or younger and more foolish at least) and the guys happily ate what was left of that super easy snack.
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this is not blog related, but the gingerbread cupcakes i made on the very same day turned out too adorbz (if i do say so myself) not to share.
happy holidays, y’all.
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