week fifty-one – sweet potatoes à la rahel

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jeeeez, is it really the second last week of the famelicose project? how in the world did that happen?! i’m sure gioia (she’ll be here, in this very room i am sitting now, in just a few days. two days, actually. aljdfoiahsoödhgjashdglihasoödighlaiwehgliahsdoighalsdhglkashdglha!!) and i will have a look at everything that has happened in our kitchens and this little corner of the internet, of course, so i shan’t dwell on it just yet. onwards to christmas!

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being the first christmas in three years that i didn’t have to work on the 24th (i experienced my fair share of the crazy christmas shoppers on the 22nd and the 23rd, so not to worry), i hopped on the train back to basel and arrived just in time to decorate the tree with my mom. we (or shall i say i…) decided on a color scheme (yep) and decorated away. the tinsel was added the next day, after my third time going to the store because we a) kept forgetting things and b) made the last minute decision to bake more cookies after all. christmas eve and christmas day passed in a blur as they always do, with too much good food, watching the traditional ‘the holiday’ and ‘three wishes for cinderella’, favorite christmas song discussions, family gatherings (no drama this year. yay!)…the whole shebang.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

with tummies full of christmas treats, i was looking to make something light, which would go with all the leftovers we still had. i had also bought the sweet potato without knowing what i was going to cook, which sort of limited my choice as well. anyway, after pondering the different options, going through the fridge and cupboards in the process, it was the can of chickpeas that caught my eyes and thus, the idea of making sweet potato hummus was born. i simply steamed the sweet potato until it was soft enough, added it to all the regular ingredients (a little bit of garlic, some oil and tahini, a whole lot of chickpeas, spices…you know the drill), threw some piri piri peppers into the mix for some extra spice and mixed it all up. not very creative, i admit, but quite satisfying anyway.

ready for next week? better be, ’cause gioia and i are uniting forces…


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