week fifty-one – sweet potatoes à la gioia


sometimes one just doesn’t feel like the things one should be doing. like writing this blog post. don’t get me wrong; i love this blog. i love how it connects me to rahel. i love how it gives my week at least one thing to hold on to. and forces me to try out new things. but right now, i just don’t feel like being witty or verbose or insightful or informative. and that’s ok. because we’re all human. and sometimes life is shite. and sometimes it’s not, but we still feel shite. which is ok, too. 
that said, i still cooked. go me. my mum is visiting for a couple of days, so i grabbed the latest addition to the jamie oliver cooking books entitled “everyday super food” and looked for recipes containing sweet potatoes. i ended up making this mexican tomato soup with sweet potato fries and baked tortillas and loads of parsley (in coriander’s stead) and spring onion and chickpeas. not my favourite jamie recipe, i must admit. my mum and i had a great time joking about how it was basically flavoured water with tomato skins in it, and whilst it ultimately was a filling meal, i’d probably opt for something else next time. oh well. we live and learn. 

switzerland, brace yourself. i’m basically on my way. 




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