a new chapter

dear readers of this blog, and also those who just stumbled upon this by accident,

2015 is over. and oh what a year it was. when we decided just a bit over a year ago to start this blog neither of us expected we’d get as attached to it as we have, but the weekly cooking, posting and sharing have become part of our routines, if not always in a very routined way.

as with all of our yearly projects, this was intended to last one year only. and in a way, famelicose as it exists now has come to an end. maybe it’s not so much an ending as an evolution. we still love food, that hasn’t changed and probably never will. nevertheless, we wanted to try something new for 2016, so we decided to make this blog about one of our other shared loves: literature (for all of you foodies, fret not, there are still going to be culinary delights).

literature is a big word and we are small people (or at least our moms are). we don’t intend on this becoming a pretentious literary blog where we criticize influential pieces of writing, no. what we will do is to incorporate one of our already existing traditions, the one of reading books together, into the blog. and throw in some food along the way (not literally). henceforth, we shall choose one book per month (the nature of which will be varied), divide it into manageable sections (and whenever possible read to each other over skype) and write a blog post in form of a letter to each other at the end of each week. said letter will contain our thoughts on what we’ve read (we will also discuss the plot, so if you don’t like spoilers you’ll have to read along), everyday musings and probably lengthy soliloquies on how we miss one another. the way in which we choose the books has yet to be determined, but we’ll happily take suggestions.

to tie the project in with our love for food, we came up with the idea of cooking something related to the book in whichever way once we’ve finished reading it.

so. we hereby introduce you to our 2016 project: abditory. an abditory (yes, we’re not entirely sure how it’s pronounced either) is a hiding place, or somewhere to conceal items of great value. over the course of our lives, books have become both of the above, a hiding place to escape to from reality and a valuable item. and of course it wouldn’t be one of our projects if there weren’t an acronym involved. so here’s to a great 2016 and a year of as books dream innocently, tantalizingly, our rationale yearns.

gioia & rahel


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