week fifty-two – the last one à la snukandinski


and thus yet another year has drawn to a close. r.i.p. 2k15. you have brought joy and sadness and all dem other feels upon us. it’s strange to see this project end, one that has summarised our year in so many ways. this blog embodies a lot of what has happened over the past twelve months, not just in terms of things we cooked, but thoughts we had, the ups and downs that come with being alive, the memories we created and shall cherish forevermore. this is the last time we cook for this blog under its name “famelicose”; fret not, we have exciting things planned for the new year (which we shall post about in the morrow), and yes, there will be cooking, but things are a-changin’.

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as we have started this project, together, it shall end. it was clear to both of us that we’d have to cook together this last, final, ultimate time, and the fact that i’m currently in the switzerlands (woop woop), and also the fact that we’ve been invited to the very same nye get-together, makes that all the easier. whilst we already knew we’d be providing the dessert, we did adhere to our initial slips of paper with suggestions and ended up settling on creating something “crunchy”. after spending a lovely couple of days in rahel’s bed in zurich (to which i travelled directly from the airport when i arrived on tuesday) watching “true blood” (and having reached the 7th season after, what, four years?), eating spaghetti directly out of the pot and cuddling in a sleepy haze, we have decided to make a variety of crumbles, right at our hosts’ home. firstly, because crumbles are delicious. secondly, they’re easily made with fruits available in winter. thirdly, they’re crunchy (ideally), and fourthly, our dearest friend louanne shall be attending the event, and her love for crummmbles knows no bounds.

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served with cold and creamy vanilla ice cream, these berry-nut and apple-cinnamon crumbles were a massive crowd pleaser, and a sweet way to finish off 2015.
dear people, we hope you have a fantastic nye, have an even better 2016 and we shall be back tomorrow with our new, top secret project. cheerio.

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