letter one to rahel: muffensausen and readathons

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my dearest rahel.

and so it begins. a year of writing one another potentially personal letters for everyone to see. exciting and scary stuff. oh well. it’s not like i have anything to hide (as if).

and what a year it’s been already. it feels like much longer than just eleven moons ago since we read the predictions we wrote for each other’s 2015 to one another, fleeing the lively nye chatter of tanika’s living room for a few minutes of much needed us time. i mean, we had spent the 48 or so hours before that in blissful twosomeness, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t in need of escaping into the dimly lit office rooms nevertheless. (if only you knew. your 2016 is going to be craaaaazy (spellcheck wanted to turn that into “creamy”. interesting)).

i have spent the past ten days spending time with loved ones, eating, reading, and trying to push away and looming thoughts of the. last. semester. at. uni. starting. in. just. a. couple. of. weeks. yes, we’ve gone from a casual “sheesh, can you believe the year is almost over?” to a panicked “oh my fucking god, my studies are nearing their end and i’m doomed and it’s all hopeless!!!”. great times. but hey, i shan’t use my last few days of swiss bliss worrying about what i can’t change anyway (ha. that almost made me laugh out loud. as if i’d ever spend a day not worrying about one thing or another). exciting things have happened since december became january and the rain turned into snow (that has yet to happen, actually. weather forecasts say friday is the day, though. fingers crossed); i met up with dear julien (who was featured in last year’s upside-down cake post, and with whom i, incidentally, ended up eating tons of cake when we met on friday), and finally his ever so lovely boyfriend tomáš, and we somehow ended up deciding that 2017 we’d go on an epicly life-changing road trip from the east of the united states of america (a.k.a. ‘murica) to its west. whilst also zigzagging through the north and south and center and basically all of it. isn’t that exciting? i know it’s about a year and a half until then, a time in which a lot can (and will) happen, but i’m already beyond excited at the mere prospect of it. as is julien, by the looks of it, for on more or less of an hourly basis i receive a message from him with the latest itinerary, lists, cost estimations, alternate routes and the like. motivated and organised. so much so, that i’ve already asked him to plan my wedding (which will never happen. but a woman can dream). 

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so. much. cake. (and a massive hot cocoa)

another thing was a thing. thing. i performed some of my own songs in front of strangers for the first time ever. in my life. (will i ever forgive you for not being there? probably not. will i mention it for the rest of our lives? potentially. or at least for another couple of weeks). which was pretty darn insane. lordy, was i nervous, shaking hands, dry mouth and the inexplicable urge to pee every two minutes included. petrifying. petrichor. ha. haha. (that’s one of my songs. just fyi (not for yours, rahel. i know that you know that much)) long story short, i didn’t die, i didn’t faint, and i didn’t make an absolute ass of myself. so it’s safe to say my first little venture into my ideal future wasn’t the biggest failure ever. 

after my rambles (i get the feeling there’s going to be a lot of rambling on this blog this year), i shall progress to what we actually wanted abditory to be about: reading. reading the museum of extraordinary things, to be exact. and you know what? i like that book. thus far. not that that’s overly surprising. as i mentioned in the introduction to the book in, it has all the promising elements which could potentially lead to a fantastic and engaging read. despite being about 120 odd pages in, however, i have yet to truly immerse myself into the story; maybe it’s because i’ve been reading other books (i actually read about two books’ worth of pages in the past 24 hours, as a bookathon kinda thang), maybe it’s because i read parts of it on my phone, seeing as i couldn’t get the physical copy until last week, maybe it’s because the story is just about to start off. i don’t know and i don’t really care. i like the magical aspects. i like the mystery. the characters. are they a bit cliché? yes. but that’s fine. also, i imagine eddie to basically be marco from the night circus, and there’s not a single thing wrong with that. in terms of plot, i don’t have that much to say as of yet, seeing as it’s only just picking off. i will say that much, though: the scene with the burning building and the falling girls will probably haunt me for years.

i’m looking forward to reading the next few chapters (another three, what do you think?) and seeing where it all goes (another phrase i predict to be omnipresent in the posts to come).

i shall see you on wednesday, my love.



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