letter three to gioia: all the cheeses

my dearest gioia,

what a week it has been. of course you already know bits and pieces of what magnus and i got up to from our conversations, but i’m pretty sure there are a few things i haven’t gotten around to telling you. did i tell you that both he and i got bird poo on our hands? yep, glorious. or that we went to the movies to see mockingjay – part 2 and ended up in a cinema with the smallest screen ever? we had m&ms (mhm, i know. i was careful, though.) and saure pommes and i had magnus try a rivella. i actually liked the movie much better the second time ’round – except for the end scene, which i still think they should have just left out.

we took the train to basel on wednesday, playing fluxx as we drove through snowy fields and foggy hills. and also eating m-budget paprika wave chips, to bridge the time before we would be making spätzli. the next day, we wandered all the little alleys of basel, stopping once for coffee, a second time for a fastewaie-tasting and a third time for lunch at the andreas holzofenbäckerei. we had dinner with sophia and tanika that evening and then made our way to bern.

what followed was a lot of coughing and sleeping on my, sledding and more cheese eating on magnus’ side. believe me, i have never seen somebody be so enthusiastic about cheese. ricotta, gruyère, tomme, tête de moine – you name it, magnus tried it (and loved it). of course we also made raclette happen, although that will have to be repeated when i can join the eating, too. and you? maybe a summer raclette in norway?

i could write a lot more, but i’ll stop here and get going with the other story, eddie and coralie’s. i agree with you wholeheartedly. considering the massive build-up leading up to their actual meeting, but also the skill with which hoffman constructed the rest of the story, the love at first sight-moment was definitely much too simple and seemed somehow out of place. as did the scene shortly afterwards when cora visits eddie and crawls into his lap seconds after she opens the door. i mean, sure, it’s fiction and as you said, romance is totally fine, but i just have the feeling it doesn’t match the rest of the book’s subtlety. i’m thinking it might have done the book some good if their meeting had occurred earlier on, leaving more space for the story after that moment to develop. everything feels a bit rushed. like the scene in which eddie and the liveryman come to “steal” hannah’s body. or when herbert is confronted in the dark alley. i don’t know, it all just seems to be happening very fast all of a sudden.

only two more chapters now…and only a few days left of january. one twelfth of 2016 is almost over. already.

thank you for being there.




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