letter three to rahel: downs and UPS (not the delivery service.)

dearest rahel,

your cheesy week sounds amazing. i love cheese. cheese is great. i ate three different kinds today. heck, the whole week sounded bloody splendid. you truly should plan a week like that for us at some point, and it’d better be the most epic week ever (no pressure).


it feels strange writing to you right now for very different reasons: 1) it’s almost 3 a.m. whoopsie daisy. 2) we’ve spoken just a few hours ago and i’ve updated you on most of my week already anyway (i might still do so once more for all of those who read this and aren’t you (hi lou)). 3) for the first time in a long time i am really, really excited. i didn’t even know i could be this excited, if i’m perfectly honest. i think that’s why i’m still not sleeping yet. too much adrenaline. and you know what? because i’m a massive tease, i shan’t tell you what i’m this excited about. muahahahaaaaaa. but it shall be something that is going to be a big part of my life in the months to come, so i’m certain i’ll be writing about it at some point or another. but sheesh. is this what it feels like to be happy? must be bloody exhausting!

a lot has happened since i last wrote to you. on friday i went to a uni party in the good ol, well “good ship” themed “mother paradise”, so i threw on some floral print trousers and off i went. ’twas lovely seeing some of my beloved uni peeps again, not having seen them since last year. (is it still ok to make “i haven’t seen you since last year”-jokes?) so that was good. the weekend was rather quiet, except for a trip to central, where i positioned myself in a yumchaa to read da book (about which i shall speak in a sec). monday was a swiss monday, the first in ages, so i went to the guys’ and we caught up and watched some of the family guy star wars renditions. the guys are still in a bit of a star wars fever. bless. yesterday uni started again, and calvin and i went to a gig of george’s in the evening. it’s ever so lovely to be spending time with them again. i won’t even dare think our days like this are numbered…

let’s not dwell on that for now. it’s late and i’m already emotional enough as it is. to be honest, i am a bit disappointed. i think it started off so well, the setting, the writing style, the characters, just the whole premise of it. but somehow, it just didn’t really take off. unlike you i haven’t actually finished the book yet (tr8er), however, i doubt it can possibly take that much of a turn that i’ll be left completely literarily satisfied. i agree with you, the pacing just felt off. not much action and then suddenly the theft of the corpse and basically just everything happening at once. nevertheless, the book was a great ride and a beautiful read. a good start to this project, i’d say.

i hope you’re sleeping sweetly and dreaming of your own eddie. or me. either is fine.

sweet dreams, my love, and i shall speak to you soon.

yours emotionally,



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