letter four to gioia: rosalie and hector

my dearest,

it’s the last day of january, can you believe it? i can’t. the face that i’ve been sitting on the couch, staring at the screen with just that sentence on it could be proof of that. i mean, where did the days go? there were thirty-one of them, after all, but they seem to have just slipped away. especially the last few days, which were strange. at the beginning of the week, i didn’t know whether i would feel relieved to finally have some alone time again or whether all i would be doing was singing celine’s (yeah, we’re on first name basis) ‘all by myself’ at the top of my lungs for eternity (or, well, that day at least.) although i still have my voice (one time did the trick, no need for endless repeating), i didn’t feel great. i missed magnus and i felt lonely and i was only just getting rid of that damned flu…but you already know all of that.

going back to uni on wednesday for a meeting on the state of our work (it’s unbelievable what it takes to design a letter, gioia. unbelievable.) sent me back to reality. we couldn’t handle too much of it; three hours of discussing serifs and options differing only in millimeters is quite enough. in fact, the only way to survive the thought of having to continue work on that is to just ignore it and do something else for the time being. like going to ikea, eating meatballs with fries and then buying cheap stuff we all know nobody could possibly need. (i did buy the cheap stuff i need, too, don’t fret. (like rosalie, she was desperately needed.))

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

so that was wednesday covered, but then came thursday and friday, which brought work and even more reality. and you know what? i’m not sure i like the reality thing all that much right now. when the alternative is lounging in bed, watching movies and eating chocolate (or christmas cookies, if you happen to have any lying around), i think i might just prefer that. decadence, you know (or something like that).

but then what if there’s too much of that? that’s no fun, either. that’s just boring. i was bored on saturday for a good three hours. it’s not like i didn’t know what i should be doing, ooooh no. but working on homework simply didn’t feel like something i wanted to do yesterday. and so i started transferring some of the files on my laptop into the cloud and watched the first two episodes of ‘friends’ and decided to make cookies only to decide not to make cookies two minutes later. fortunately, mom came back (after a trip to ikea. ha.ha.) shortly after and we decided the only thing that would make sense to do is to order pizza, drink wine and watch ‘outlander’. and when you find something that sounds like it makes sense you do it, right? right. going out with sophia and tanika for drinks afterwards also sounded like it would make sense, so i did that, too. oh, but i completely forgot! yesterday, for probably the first time in my life, i bought fish. to cook. and actually eat.

i waited for a long time before deciding to make fish for this first yay-we’ve-finished-the-book-meal (i’m afraid you’ll have to come up with a better name at some point…). it sounded too obvious to me and i hoped there’d be something else inspiring me, but there wasn’t. although i greatly enjoyed the first part of the book, i found the ending to be quite disillusioning. yes, cora and eddie end up getting each other, they find a perfect little house at the river and adopt even more dogs…ladida. like the chapters leading up to the end, the end itself was a bit too simple in my opinion. they survive the fire by taking refuge in cora’s tank? really? like you said in your last letter, i too, am left unsatisfied. maybe i’ll get some closure by eating the fish (i’ve named him hector), who knows.

i’ll be back tomorrow with the introduction to our new book, which will be quite different to the first one, i suppose. in the meantime, i leave you with a picture of my first fish adventure. r.i.p. hector.

Photo 31-01-16 14 29 15.jpg






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