book two: the humans by matt haig


in february, we’re reading a book about humans. and aliens, apparently.

matt haig’s novel is set in england, where, in the middle of the night, professor andrew martin finds himself standing stark naked on the highway. except that it’s not really the professor (another professor? is this becoming a theme?) who’s run over by an approaching car shortly after finding himself there. instead, an alien coming from the other side of the universe to prevent the professor from discovering a powerful (mathematical) secret that could change earth forever has taken over andrew martin’s body and mind.

from what i’ve gathered about the book, the alien attempts to fit into human society, coming across various obstacles along the way, the former professor’s relationship to his wife and son being only one of many. revolted by humans and their primitive behavior in the beginning, the alien’s attachment to the world he is thrown onto grows as he discovers more and more about it. there’s even some talk about the “gift of love” – because what humans be without that, hm?

and because it’s the start of a new month, here are the playlists we’ve compiled for each other:

gioia’s playlist

rahel’s playlist



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