letter five to rahel: crystal palace vs the cold

rahel, in not so faraway lands (only a train journey away, really).


february has hit us with cold and wind and cold wind. but it’s fine. i always feel like i can appreciate spring much more after an especially hard winter, when i’ve been freezing my bum and everything else off, not felt my nose in months and had more cups of steaming hot tea than i can count. so bring it on, february, and by march we’ll be skipping about in summery dresses, right?

uni is busy. and keeps getting busier. which is fine. new musical opportunities have been presenting themselves. which is fine, too. on tuesday i went to see a crystal palace (sam’s team) game against bournemouth, staring at number 15’s beard and singing along to the cheers:

the pride of south london
south london’s number one
you know it’s true
we’re red and blue

you know i’m not one to share or even take selfies. but calvin just looked too cute wearing my bowed headband for me not to share (including an obviously ironic duck-face on my part):

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

also, check out this photo of the bunch of guys plus ali, featuring a spongebob guitar george found and managed to convince ben he paid £180 for. great times.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

crystal palace lost, but we gained a great memory we all shall cherish forevermore (can i get an “awwww”, please? thank you).


it was, in fact, the night i returned from the game when i read the first fifty pages of the humans. fifty pages are really nothing in the grand scheme of reading, i find. but despite it being past 1 a.m., i found my way into the book very easily, amused by the professor’s/alien’s general confusion. i don’t actually have much to say about it yet, except for liking the writing style thus far (i doubt it’ll change all of a sudden), and being very curious where this story leads us.


have the best of times with lou in beautiful paris, give rhodes a smooch from me, and i shall speak to you very soon.




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