letter five to rahel: kylo ren, pancakes and mousetraps

happy pancake day, oh maplesyrupsweet rahel of mine.


gosh, how amazing your paris adventures sound. we must go back there together sometime soon. we must. what i’d be most jealous about is the fact that you went to see rhodes, if it weren’t for the much more amazing fact THAT WE’LL BE SEEING HIM TOGETHER ON SATURDAY!!!!!! (i’m only a tad excited. can you tell?)


has anyone ever been this busy? as busy as i am currently? to be honest, this is probably some people’s usual degree of busyness. but guurl, i ain’t used to it. today has been a very productive day musically. i spent about ten hours producing and writing and recording, and somehow, i still didn’t grow tired of it in the slightest. the thought of that potentially becoming my daily routine at some point in the future is ever so exciting and completely worth all the hassle, i find. let me tell you, though, those sessions are intense. they’ll include statements like an enthused “that’s quite good as far as digital feedback goes” when recording a “fucking dirty” sounding guitar, commands like “can you sing the low one high so i can make it low?”, and questions such as “do you want me to twang that and sing it legato?”. musicians, eh. (look at me pretending like i’m one of them).


these musical productive hours were also part of my weekend, where i was graced with the presence of my dear julien (who has been featured on this blog before (in his pants)) and his friend jenny. we spent the five-ish days the spent at mine doing all kinds of things: seeing the 26’355th performance of “the mousetrap” (something i had been wanting to do for ages), eating tons of everything there is to eat, trying to guess people’s names by saying ones we thought’d fit half loudly to see whether they react, feeding the squirrels whilst being attacked by pigeons, going to a rather disappointing cat café (somehow i had imagined it to be like dolores umbridge’s office and it was anything but that), and many more things i am too knackered to recount. one thing i do recount rather clearly though: my lil’ encounter on sunday night. i know i’ve already told you about it (how couldn’t i have?), but here it goes again in some more detail:


place: vico, my gelateria of choice in central london

time: sunday evening, ca. 10:47 p.m.


jenny, julien and gioia are on their way to get their daily ice cream fix (after just having had a milkshake. yup). gioia looks through the window into the restaurant attached to the gelateria:


gioia: oh my god. is this?!

julien: IT IS!!!!

hushed whispers

they enter

gioia tries to sneakily look over and realises that, indeed, it is adam driver (THE adam driver! KYLO BLOODY REN) sitting casually at a table

gioia gets interrupted by marianna, a girl who works at vico and recognises gioia who has been there so often that marianna gives her a hug.

julien gets his ice cream

gioia looks over casually again


more hushed whispers and discussions about what needs to be done

julien: they are leaving.

gioia: let’s go over and try and take a photo. #yolo

gioia goes over to adam f-ing driver who has just gotten up

gioia: excuse me. i don’t mean to be all fangirly, but we’ve been standing over there trying to keep our cool and failing miserably. you’re amazing. could we possibly take a photo? (gesturing towards oscar isaac)

adam (looking shy and adorable and tall and a bit confused): yeah, sure, but you should ask the others.

gioia goes over to oscar isaac who is much smaller and less shy

gioia repeats her question

oscar: no, sorry, i’d rather not. we’re not actually supposed to be here.

gioia: that’s perfectly fine. thank you nevertheless and have a lovely evening.

gioia goes back to adam

gioia (as if they had been friends for years): yeah, he wasn’t really feelin’ it.

adam looks bummed out (no, he totes did)

adam (holding OUT HIS HAND FOR ME TO SHAKE): it was still very lovely to meet you.

gioia (shaking his warm and manly hand): sorry my hands are so cold.

they look at one another

somehow, they both start doing a thumbs up with both hands

gioia (laughing): an awkward thumbs up. brilliant. anyway. have a lovely evening and lovely to meet you, too.

the actors and their squad leave

gioia goes back to julien and jenny, playing it cool

gioia proceeds to talk about how she wants to marry adam driver all night long


the end.


so yeah. that happened. crazy stuff. truly. (let’s hope adam doesn’t read blogs. or just this one, really. (if he does: hey adam. i’m usually so much cooler than this. i promise))


(also, adam, if you’re reading this, please ignore the following paragraph:)

i also had a second date. because i’m just a crazy nut like that. i don’t want to spoil too much yet, seeing as i haven’t really given you any deets about the dateathon, let me just tell you, however, that it included more milkshakes, waltzing through a tube station and riding a bus through rainy nocturnal london.


other than just recording loads i’ve been to the guys’ today to celebrate pancake day by, well, eating pancakes, singing along to a bob marley lp, and watching part two of the family guy star wars series. we also somehow started playing what youtubers named “the whisper challenge”, where someone listens to ridiculously loud music on headphones and tries to figure out what someone else is telling them. phrases included “eat my sausage” and “swiss chocolate is overrated”. great giggles.


soooooo. the book. which i’ve read just now. well, the latest part. the longer the more i truly agree with what you wrote in your last letter. it’s just a bit meh overall. which i find rather disappointing, for the premise of the book sounded great. the alien’s behaviour is just utterly inconsistent and almost nonsensical at parts. like, why wouldn’t he like the foods if he has the physical same taste buds as the professor did? why did he have to tell daniel the truth before killing him? and why do the aliens even care about that much about a mathematical equation being solved on a tiny, meaningless planet they could so easily eradicate? it just doesn’t add up. as you mentioned, he plays at some important points, and it appears as though the overall message of the book is going to be a rather sweet one; love and imperfection are what makes us human. which is true. but not the most exciting epiphany of all times. oh well. almost halfway through the novel i feel (once more. let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend) like the plot has yet to take off properly and i somehow doubt it will. time will tell. of course. as ever. duh.


i miss you and i cannot wait to see you in only a few days’ time.




p.s. my dearest julien. the fact that you hid ten whole packets of mini eggs (which you know are my personal crack) all over my flat, makes me forgive you for stealing the blanket every single night.



jenny and i blurrily famished at homeslice



moi not looking nearly as excited as i felt about seeing the play



an adorable squirrel being fed by an even more adorable julien


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