letter six to gioia: au revoir & grüezi

my dearest,

only a few hours ago you were lying next to me and now you’re gone. nothing could fit my mood better than some melancholic music by our beloved rhodes, so that is exactly what i am going to listen to, reminiscing about yesterday evening. wasn’t it just perfect (except for those two lines he totally screwed up (we forgive him, though, don’t we?))? you, me, rhodes. and tommy, of course. (plus some other people, but who cares about them?!) our time together was much too short, once again.

apart from eating, we also did some talking, so really, there’s not that much to tell you. you got the paris highlights (you know, THAT one) and anyway, our schedule didn’t change drastically from what i already told you last week. there was more wandering around and more coffee drinking, some burger eating and a tad of shopping. oh and our museum day! after almost getting swept off the road (and narrowly escaping getting hit by a tree (not really, but kafka was on our minds)) by the wind and the downpour of rain, seeking shelter in paris’ museums sounded like the ideal thing to do. our first stop was les arts décoratifs, a museum focussing on – wait for it – decorative arts. we walked through rooms displaying france’s history in design, stopping at every window to maybe get a glimpse of the eiffel tower, which we didn’t see until our fifth day in the city (yay for being non-tourists! or possibly just ignorant?). there were beautiful wallpapers and fabrics with elaborate patterns and designs aplenty, but the most fun part was the interactive projection that reacted to the movements of the people standing in front of it. so. much. fun. julia and i probably could have spent the rest of the day there, possibly even the rest of our stay.


we need all of these, right?

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

after a long lunch break, during which we had the most delicious vegan burgers at hank and discovered paris’ cat café (also quite disappointing), we headed to the jeu de paume, the place to go for modern and postmodern photography and media (thank you, wikipedia). we spent our last evening having dinner with louanne at soya, treating ourselves to yummy mezzes and even yummier desserts.


i said goodbye to paris with a breathtaking view onto its rooftops, from the top of the eiffel tower. and suddenly, after only three hours on the train, i was in basel again. just like that. with innumerable new impressions and memories.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

au sommet avec louanne. freezing, but wonderful.

the next two days were filled with appointments and work and then it was saturday and you came to zurich and we had cake and tea and salad with amazing sauce and spaghetti and crostini and went to see rhodes and watched some ‘true blood’. it was so good to have you here.

we already discussed the book very briefly yesterday, but frankly, i don’t have anything else to say about it. the last few chapters have been an improvement compared to last week’s, apart from the constantly recurring “jokes” that failed to be funny in the first place. things are picking up, with gulliver and with…umm…maggie, the alien is starting to feel things and realizing that humans might not be as terrible as his species believe and yes, i’m curious as to where this will lead. will he fulfill his mission and kill isobel and gulliver and anyone else who might know about the professor’s discovery? or will he refuse to do so and instead be replaced by another alien who then eliminates him? or will he be spared and be able to return to his own planet? who knows. apart from being an easy – and at times enjoyable – read, i do think the discussions about the relationship between aliens and humans are interesting. would we notice if there was an alien among us? and how would we react? i’ll leave the speculations up to you because you’re so much better at coming up with fascinating scenarios anyway…



p.s. fasnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacht, vorwärts, marsch.


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