letter six to rahel: fasnacht, vorwärts, marsch

sooooo. rahel.


what an insane week it’s been. and i simply cannot believe the drey scheenschte dääg are over. the only just started.


taking a week off of uni to come back to switzerland must’ve been one of the best ideas i’ve had in a long time; it had been two year (TWO YEARS) since i attended the basler fasnacht, something unheard of up until i moved. it wasn’t only the fasnacht, however, that made my stay over in the cold swisslands ever so lovely. no. i got to see you again. and we got to see rhodes. again. but for the first time, we were actually together. i shan’t regale you, dear readers, with yet another tale of how magical that evening was, seeing as rahel already did so last week, but yeah. i’ll definitely remember that concert for a looooong time to come.


i saw you just last night (which, due to the fact that i have travelled hundreds of miles since feels like about a week ago), and gave you quite the update about what i have been up to during my favourite carnival ever, but i shall give you a little summary once more nevertheless:


i went to tanika’s on sunday afternoon, for some pre-morgestraich-celebrations. well, our celebrations exclusively consisted of watching harry potter movies (parts 3, 5 and 6) and eating tons and tons and tons of sweets. magical films to get us in the mood for a magical night. at 2:02 in the a.m. (surprisingly without having had a single müesi fade) we got on the tram and made our way to central basel. well, as central as the trams go when the city is crammed with thousands and thousands of people. since we had quite a bit of time to kill before the actual beginning of the morgestraich, we went to the unternehmen mitte for some drinks (a süessmoscht and a mint tea respectively), where we were joined by colin and some of his homies for a bit. at about a quarter to morgestraich, we made our way to the rümelinsplatz, where we managed to stand on some benches for the ultimate overview. the minutes before 4 a.m. on morgestraich morge are something really special; the excitement is tangible, everyone, fasnächtler and spectators alike, are suddenly overwhelmed by the yearly realisation that one of the best half-weeks of the year is about to start. when clocks hit 3:59 things start to get serious; conversations are reduced to hushed whispers and excited giggles (yeah, that’s usually mainly me), and indeed, a minute later, when the clocks strike four, the morgestraich starts in all its glory. after taking in the first few minutes of fasnächtlichem mayhem, we fought our way through the masses and to the sans gêne käller for the first mählsuppe and kääswäie of the year. good times. we lasted until 6 a.m., which, considering that we didn’t pre-sleep, is rather impressive, i find.


later that day, after a couple of hours of sleeping, my mum, andi. tabea and mona grabbed a leiterwägeli, tons and tons of sweets and räppli to join the cortège. i love turning into the alti dante i always am for fasnacht, a woman who is in many ways probably quite different to me. whilst it is great fun to stopf people, it appears as though age is getting to me, for i only used räppli once at the very beginning of the day to sprinkle over the head of a little boy. he did get some candy, obvs. notable was also my encounter with a lovely bearded guy, whom i specifically handed some chocolate saying that i had only done so “because of his beautiful beard”, to which he responded that if he didn’t have the beard, i’d see him blush.


on tuesday i grabbed colin yet again and we headed downtown to the guggekonzärt and to go to the exhibition of the ladärne. very nice. very nice indeed. we were rather tired that evening, so we left around midnight and just went to ours for purposes of movie-watching. coolio.


wednesday came way too fast. the last day. tanika, liam, colin and myself wandered around da city a bit more, taking it all in for the last few hours. then, as you know all too well, we met you, which i truly don’t have to tell you again. but ’twas lovely seeing you, especially considering the fact that we won’t see one another for quite a while now : ( after we said our goodbyes, tani and i headed back to mine to watch the latest episode of the bachelor (because we’re cool like that), and somehow, mein winzflauschiges nasenschmäunzchen aka my mum, didn’t feel like calling it a night just yet. so we wrapped ourselves up in layers upon layers of warming clothing, grabbed liam and went back to central basel once more for the ändstraich. i truly did the whole fasnacht thaang this year. and oh, how am i glad we did! we walked and gässled and ate and found a wallet and laughed and it was just very lovely. i should stop using that word as much as i do. gosh, i’m knackered. either way, i lovelovelove the fasnacht and very much doubt i ever won’t. the end.


well, not quite yet. the book. what this letter should actually be about. *cough* yeah. well. it’s looking up a tad, i find. there are still some discrepancies that annoy me a bit, but y’know. that happens. to be perfectly honest, i don’t even quite remember everything that happened because it has been overwritten in my brain. great preparation, i know. i am kind of ready for the book to be over (we don’t have much left), but i still find it an easy and entertaining read when i do sit down to, well, read. as for your question, i’m not sure. if someone were to behave like our alien-specimen in the book, deffo. (i constantly keep wondering about how on earth his wife doesn’t notice. i might already question whether you’re still you when you use an emoji you usually don’t!). but they’re meant to be smart, aren’t they? so they should be able to assimilate more easily. regardless, in a way, we’re all aliens. we’re all made from stardust after all.


i’m cold. i hope you’re not.



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amazing star wars ladärne


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sans gêne käller


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