letter seven to gioia: con brio

my dearest,

first things first: we haven’t chosen a new book yet, have we? we might have to real’ soon, though, because you know what? february will be over in one week! (how? HOW??)

however, on to the the second last week of the second month (did i just unnecessarily complicate that or what?!). oh fasnacht! there’s no denying it, fasnacht in basel is magical. so magical that getting on a train at two a.m. in the morning and not sleeping at all before going straight to uni the next day doesn’t seem like stupid idea. nor does going to basel again on wednesday evening for about three hours just to sit in a cellar with way too many other people listening to a few men sing in verse form. or following  people playing drums and piccolos through räppli-covered streets. ’twas lovely (it’s a good word, there’s no denying it) seeing you again, frau fasnacht.

when not in basel or on the train to basel, i spent my time at toni. uni has started again, or at least the z-modules have. as you know, my chosen z-module’s aim was to organize an event. and we did, sort of. never quite knowing whether it was a fictional event or not, we developed a concept, split our group into different crews, some working on the technical aspects of our project, others planning an advertising campaign and yet others working on admin and finances and spent five days discussing questions of security, budget and infrastructural (im)possibilities. i learned tons about organizational forms and how to ask who for what and in general had a blast. although the realization of the project – separating an orchestra into its different instruments and setting them up in groups on the curved ramp of the toni building, enabling spectators to discover the different components of an orchestra while walking up along the ramp (sounds so easy, but there are a lot of things to consider. a lot a lot a lot.) – has yet to be decided on, it was great fun thinking it through.

basically, it’s back to everyday life…yoga class, work, dinner with the roomies, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

things are getting serious for our alien friend as well, hm? killing one of his own species?! he’s definitely crossed the line now. so what is haig trying to tell us? that love, being able to feel, makes us violent? “i was a monster and now i am a different type of monster.” so we’re all aliens and we’re all monsters? that’s not the most comforting of thoughts. we’ve come to the conclusion that this book isn’t a literary masterpiece, something i still agree to. it is, however, making me think, more than i had anticipated at the beginning.




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