letter seven to rahel: on the rooftops of london

hello. it’s me. i’m cold. but in bed underneath two blankets and in my pjs. so that’s good.


we just skyped last night and i also just sent you an over seven minute long voice message i recorded on my way from da tube to mah flat, so i’d say you’re preeeetty much up to date about the shenanigans i’ve been up to this week including my dance party with a one-year-old and attempts to watch “lord of the rings”. long story short, i’m back at uni, busy with everything ever and kind of ok with that. i went to barney’s today to work on his song once more, after he had claimed i had “sounded like a choir of tribal women” when we last recorded (which was meant as a massive compliment). and apparently today i was “killing it”, when i basically did a spoken word thing in french and doubleand -tracked tuesday-me singing things like “salaud” and the like, so it appears as though the mister is pleased with my work as a session singer. ah. good times. i’m back at theirs (“theirs” because leo shall be present, too) tomorrow, well, in ten hours, really, for some more musicking. i ramble, don’t i? oooooh well. it’s been nice going back to uni, seeing the guys again, learning about different ways of lighting a stage (in case you don’t know what to get me for my birthday, an optikinetics solar 250 is on top of my list), and beating jozef at foosball thrice in a row. same old, really.

today was a bit special, because i BLOODY CLIMBED THE O2 ARENA! i know. pretty darn cool. the only information i was given by my fellow climber was to dress warmly. and lord knows i did; layers upon layers of socks and tights and scarves and headbands and cardigans and coats. (some of those just in singular despite the s). i wonder if marco also read about how one should do adrenaline-y things on dates, because people tend to confuse those with feelings of affection and think they’re falling for their respective datee (even though it takes a tad more for me to get a proper adrenaline rush than a bit of climbing. i’m just a badass like that). either way, it was epic, and the view rather fantastic.


we must ensure that you do the wrap-up next time. quite the pressure, i find. but thus ends the reading of our second book. sheesh. and ’twas quite the different literary experience this time to last month. whilst i agree with you that many things remained questionable until the end, i think it’s safe to say that we both warmed to the book as we went on. i liked the fact that it kind of was an open end, but also leaning towards an overall happy outcome. which, not being in the worst of moods didn’t annoy me as much as it might have at another point. i also enjoyed the list of things the alien had learned during his time on earth. there were maybe a few too many of them, but some i genuinely liked (a small and cheesy selection: “29. if there is a sunset, stop and look at it. knowledge is finite. wonder is infinite.” or “84. you are more than the sum of your particles. and that is quite the sum.” or simply “43. everything matters.”). it also inspired me to a new project in the general spirit of our birthday lists; from now on, on each birthday, i’ll write down things i have learned in that year before, their number corresponding to the age i had during that year (that sounds unnecessarily complicated). we shall see.


overall, i liked the book. i didn’t love it. but i liked it. there were many things i found incoherent and somewhat unrealistic, but at its core, the novel had some meaningful points about what it means to love and be human.


i’m human. i love you.


yours sleepily,




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