letter eight to gioia: combos

my dearest,

i hope you’re not cold anymore. today felt like spring here in zurich, much unlike other days of the past week, or,  to quote magnus: “i wish spring would come and stay. it seems like every time it’s here the slush is only a few hours away.” the march playlist is in the works, sophia’s birthday is nearing and sometimes it’s still light out when i get home from uni. basically, i’m ready to say goodbye to winter (not before i eat roasted chestnuts at least one more time, though!).

last week seems like much longer than just a week, but in a good way. as you know already, daniela, her friend jenna and i went on a lil’ journey on tuesday. taking the train from zurich, we went to bern and then lausanne and finally arrived in montreux after two and a half hours, where we made our way to the auditorium stravinski under the pouring rain (only my third time getting soaked that day.). way too excited, we fought our way past security, made a quick detour to go the toilets (daniela is convinced she caught a glimpse of andrew while we were waiting in line) and finally managed to secure spots relatively close to the stage. the rest is history; rhodes was fantastic and hozier killed it. apart from the people incapable of determining the right moment to stop clapping in time to the music, it was perfect. five hours of train rides and another 40 minutes of walking home in the middle of night? so worth it!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

i’m coming to the conclusion that the main reason for this week feeling as long as it does could be that i was awake for more of it than i usually am. you see, on thursday evening, a few of us (being nora, vera, barla, julia, daniela and myself) were invited to alina’s place for dinner. i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before, but alina lives in a big house with (i think) seven other people. none of us had been there before, but after hearing lots of interesting stories, we all wanted to see it for ourselves. after eating a delicious dinner of rice, dal and kale (what a combo!), we were allowed to look around. and look around we did. we also came to the conclusion that everyone (except of course alina) needs to move out pronto so we can all move in together. and even if we’re not all living there by this summer, we’ll for sure be hanging out on the terrace and the rooftop, having barbecues and slurping cocktails, ideally. the inspection was followed by dessert (a chocolatey spread eaten with a shared spoon straight out of the jar), a hearing of ‘ds totemügerli’ and quite some time later, a bit (chm) of dancing in the kitchen. by the time we had danced out all that needed to be danced out we had all missed our last buses, trams and trains. fortunately, there were enough emtpy beds, sofas and pajamas for all of us.


my friday was spent taking photos of a pizza knife and candy  – again, what a combo! which leads me to another combo, the most important combo of this post, actually. with the ending of another book (which you wrapped up beautifully) comes another cooking endeavor and this time, it was so very easy to decide; it had to be something with peanut butter (does the alien ever actually eat anything else?). i knew it couldn’t be a plain peanut butter sandwich, so i opted for two pairings, the classic peanut butter and banana combo and the slightly less classic (at least in this context) peanut butter and avocado. (for those really curious, here’s an article i came upon while googling the combo. (and magnus, in case you’re reading this, there’s even a mathematical explanation for why the combo is a good one.)) because today is a lazy day, toast that  i still had in the freezer had to suffice and because we don’t own a toaster, the frying pan had to do. not a problem as it turns out – they both did their job perfectly well.



my conclusion? apart from being one of my favorite foods in the whole world, avocado might just be good with everything and anything.






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