letter eight to rahel: nuts, nuts, nuts.

hello dear, oh psnukest psnuk of them all


i’m not sure you’ve noticed, but it’s the end of february. just like that, a sixth of the year is over, when i feel like it has barely even started. that’s not overly new, though, is it?

i was invited to renton’s and neli’s yesterday, not having seen them in absolute ages, and promised i’d bring cookies. the humans wasn’t overly exciting in terms of culinary. like, at all. the only food truly mentioned were countless peanut butter sandwiches the alien devoured. so i brought peanuts and cookies together to make, well, peanut butter cookies i laced with salted peanuts and chocolate chips. all ’bout dem chips, yo. the dough had to rest in the fridge for at least two hours, being a night owl/lazy bum i ended up taking care of that after i got home on friday night at about 2 a.m. luckily it was easy enough to whisk together by hand, so my neighbours were spared the noise of an electric whisk in the middle of the night. yay. the cookies turned out as cookies should; soft and chewy in the middle, nice and crispy on the outside, and every once in a while a crunchy piece of peanut or chocolate. throw in a glass of cold milk (not literally, ideally) and you’ve got yourself a perfect lil’ sweet treat/midnight snack/full meal.


stay nuts. (really?)




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