book three: the versions of us by laura barnett

fare thee well, oh february, welcome, sweet, sweet march.

another month has come to an end yesterday, and y’all know what that means, doncha? (well, it means many things. but i am referring to one in particular):


i’m excited. can you tell? i think it’s safe to say that both you, my dearest rahel, and my humble self are rather excited about this one. remember when we were in paris all those months ago, in the ollivanders version of a bookshop, looking at the massive, hardcover version of the book we shall be reading this month, which, ultimately, we didn’t end up buying for that very reason, being its bulkiness? well, there’s a paperback now. which is currently residing on the massive pile of “books i’m currently reading or at least have read an ever so tiny part of but am nevertheless planning on finishing at some point or another” on my nightstand.

as you said when we discussed what we’d read next, we could both do with a bit of romance. and the premise of the versions of us is ever so romantic. so romantic, in fact, that julien, who was reading it when he visited me, gave it a whopping five stars and reviewed it saying it was “a testimony for love”. (i’m so in dissertation mode that it feels incredibly strange quoting something without using the harvard referencing system)

eva and jim are a mere 19 when they meet through a random circumstance (a dog running in front of eva’s bicycle, causing her to fall) in cambridge. from that point onwards, the story splits into three versions of what could have become of said chance meeting. the story explores the consequences of seemingly small decisions and how big of an impact they might have onto our lives. i don’t think much more needs to be said at this point, other than the fact that it has been likened to one day (which we both love ever so dearly and always reminds me of how you read to me that sunny afternoon almost five years ago in the rose gardens in hyde park (was it there? i only remember the bench and the sun and you)), and that i decided to have a little peak and start reading this afternoon, just to see, only to end up devouring all 62 pages we had agreed on reading until sunday. whoopsie daisy.


all the versions of me miss you.




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