letter nine to gioia: pancakes, squared

my dearest,

as i sit here, at the kitchen table of the münsterberg apartment, there are people outside walking around with drums and piccolos. it’s the last bummel sunday, but that seems almost impossible because doesn’t it feel like it’s been much much longer than three weeks since you were here?

(i apologize sincerely in advance for any rambling; i’m a tad sleep-deprived and you know what that does to my brain.)

it’s been quite the weekend! as you most probably know, we celebrated sophia’s birthday on friday evening, with a bit of champagne and some (delicious) tapas and jazz music in the background and a lot of instax photos and even more lovely people . i made my first ever chocolate cheesecake for the occasion (the little brother of which was already devoured earlier that friday afternoon at toni, directly out of the cake tin, with plastic spoons, because student life.) and was ever so glad it survived the journey from zurich to basel. after the official birthday bash was over, sophia and i went to her friend’s apartment and somehow ended up staying there until five a.m., with a lot more knowledge on how to successfully scour secondhand shops for valuable art, what jokes (not) to tell and indian customs that i shall to go into further at this point. we walked home through the rain, still a bit too early to see the sun rising, but only just (one of the best times to walk home, no?) and crept into bed, only to get up again only a few hours later. i’m guessing the main reason we were even able to get up was our plan to make pancakes, with mango, avocado and radishes on the side.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

i then made my way to hofstetten for the lotr-marathon anouk, raphi and i have been planning for months (if not years) and haven’t been able to make happen – until now. we got started right away, armed with plenty of snacks and even more anticipation (not than any of us had never seen the films, but it had been a looooong time, at least on my part). and so the next twelve hours were spent watching frodo, sam (gotta love sam), aragorn, gandalf and the rest of the crew fight against orcs, goblins, uruk-hai and everything else remotely evil, with a few breaks here and there to heat the microwave popcorn or make pizza or take a midnight walk (we saw jupiter!!). we finished shortly before four a.m. and called it a night. when we got up, we were joined by mom and andi for the second pancakes-breakfast in two days.

i could tell you more about the days before that, about taking photographs of a disentangled t-shirt or how i can’t stop listening to half moon run since going to the concert (almost typed convent right there..) last monday, but then where would that leave us with eva and jim?

i’m enjoying  the book. a lot. so far, i’m not disappointed in the slightest and that alone is quite the achievement. we asked for romance and romance (plus drama. but what would romance be without a little bit of drama, hm?) is what we got. just to recapitulate (because as much as i want to say i’m totally on top of everything that’s happening, that wouldn’t be completely true…):

version one: eva and jim meet because eva decides not to run over the dog, they go for a drink, eva breaks up with actor boyfriend david (whom she never really loved anyway) and they get married. the only thing that isn’t rosy is jim’s mother’s condition.

version two: eva and jim almost meet, but don’t, she stays with david, the two of them get married (despite eva’s doubts whether or not he’s the one) and they’re about to go on their honeymoon.

version three: eva meets jim, falls head over heels in love with him, but is then forced to break things off because she’s pregnant with david’s child. the two of them get married, move into eva’s parents’ house, but the relationship beween david and eva is distanced.

we haven’t read a lot, but yet so much has already happened. i’m not sure how i feel about the jumps in time, but i can sort of see why it’s necessary to be able to tell the stories. nonetheless, i’m curious to carry on reading, not only to see how their lives unfold, but also if and how the characters will develop in each version of the story.

i miss you, grizi, and i can’t wait for our reading session!





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