letter nine to rahel – lou and huh in da hoo(d)




my, oh my, what a weekend it’s been. sweet baby jesus in america. as you’re well aware, our dearest friend lou(anne) hopped over from la belle ville de paris to the big smoke to spend some time with me. which, obviously, is pretty darn awesome. i picked her up at kilburn tube station on friday afternoon, her only having been to mine once and that one time having been around two years ago, and clearly i didn’t want the poor thing to get lost in the scary backstreets of mah hood. so brace yoself for loads of photos, most taken by louanne, where we tried not looking absolutely ridiculous. (there’s no need to say that we failed. but just to make sure)

Photo 06-03-2016, 14 39 30

see? told ya. i thought the black and white might make it better. it didn’t.

after a lovely dinner at my dad’s favourite türkolos, we set out to explore said hood; a pub crawl was what was up, yo. (sheesh, why am i so pseudo-ghetto today?) a solid half dozen hours were spent roaming about all the beautiful pubs the street i live in (including the “betsy smith”, with it’s fake flamingos hanging from the ceiling, and the “priory tavern”, where i joined a random group of people for an open mic performance half a year ago), talking to interesting and less interesting people, and eating the mini eggs i had brought. (guurl, i literally still have kilograms of the stuff. worse than coke, let me tell you. worse than coke)

the next morning, well, late morning, we set out on a quest of eating a delicious breakfast; and oh, a delicious breakfast did we have. good ol’ gaill’s never fails (rhyme) to disappoint. despite marco not exactly living in central london, he seems to have all the insider tips, and the one for a BOOKSTORE ON A BLOODY BOAT seemed to be just up our alley. we wandered along the canal for a bit, passed by what felt like a gazillion people jogging (and making us even more aware of the massive brunch we’d had), until we finally found it: word on the water. oooooh yeah. despite the boat’s facebook having claimed otherwise, the store was closed. somehow. obviously i wasn’t going to let that happen, so we found a lovely tophatted gentleman splitting wood in front of his own boat (that sounds like the worst euphemism ever. i swear it’s not). luckily he knew the book boats owner and was happy to let us on. so there we were, two insane book and bookstore lovers on a boat full of books by themselves. and obviously it started to rain. duh. we were set out on finding books, my settling on a collection of yeats’ poems, and lou’s struggling, seeing as she’s currently only reading french books, until i spotted what might have been the only french book on da ship, and also, fate, was called “lorsque lou”. with our newly acquired books we went back to tophatman’s boat for a perfectly brewed cup of tea (his own blend: half earl grey, half assam) and to talk about how we’ll probably reminisce about that time we were on a book-laden boat and it started to rain forevermore.


Photo 05-03-2016, 14 34 35

i mean. i mean.

Photo 05-03-2016, 15 19 21



after that excursion we were feeling a bit peckish, quite peckish, to be honest, so we bussed to covent garden and got a table at “homeslice”. you truly need to come back to london, if only for homeslicepizzaeating purposes. a little stroll to oxford circus later, we needed the digestion walk, we got onto yet another bus back home, where we finished the day off by watching “les misérables” (as ever discussing russell crowe’s, uhm, voice, and éponine’s “waist”).


pizza heaven


sunday came way too soon, and after yet another lovely brunch, in notting hill this time, a shared hummingbird cupcake, a visit to the brand museum (plus playing “connect four”. ah. memories) and dinner at a MASSIVE (i mean it. massive) branch of dishoom, ’twas time to say our goodbyes. ok. we had dessert first. but then it was time to say goodbye. and off she went. what a blast we had.

Photo 06-03-2016, 16 38 19

guess who won?



the days since that have been both long and short, somehow, working on my music, helping other people with theirs, writing on my dissertation, recording bvs and so forth. and also, a biiiit of reading.


smooth transition. i know. so. the book. we finally managed to actually read together. i.e. to one another. via skype. which was lovely. thanks once more for the little summary of what’s going on, i think we both needed it. i continued reading later that night, once more finishing what we had agreed on reading. so. firstly. VERSION ONE JIM?! what on earth happened?! remember when we said we’re already both falling for him? and then he goes off cheating on his wife?! i mean, obviously we’re lacking a lot of information here. and i agree, the big jumps in time can be a tad confusing, considering that we have to follow three different stories at once. but still. no. just no. nah. hm-m. nopedidope. version two evim (or jiva?) have finally met properly, and i totes see romance blossoming there. even though they’ve only just spoken once. but you know me. i secretly crave that romance. it’s impossible to tell how the different strings are going to develop, especially now that we’ve reached part ii. either way, i’m excited. i enjoy the writing, the crossovers, the protagonists, their friends (peter4lyf).

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.59.19.png

yup. that’s us. reading. looking positively insane.


i hope all is well and that we’ll read together again soon. maybe on word on the water. a woman can dream.

i miss you.




Photo 05-03-2016, 17 00 00





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