letter ten to gioia: donut heaven

my dearest,

so much book talk today, hm? another book club meeting has come and gone and – yay! – we managed to see each other today (albeit on a screen and from some distance, it’s always an achievement when that happens. the looks, my dear, the looks.). yet again, the weekend was jam-packed with things, unfortunately not only fun things. i spent the majority of it in front of the computer, trying to find out what fonts are used on the covers of food magazines. no walk in the park, let me tell you. apparently i was being very optimistic when i thought a few hours on saturday morning would suffice to finish the task (…i’m still not finished). howeeeever, luckily, i also had a few fun things planned and enjoyed those even more. like having a girl’s night in yesterday evening with sophia and tanika. with plenty of food and wine, of course. and donuts! like the whole population of basel (and some crazy people from other swiss cities), we decided we needed to pay the newly opened dunkin’ donuts a visit to see what the fuss is about. you know i like me some donuts (although once or twice a year is by far enough to satisfy my cravings) and so we had ourselves a little donut feast. we munched our way through several of the flavors, discussing tastes and preferences (my favorite? the cookie crumble.), watched dear gretchen finally wrap marc olivier around her finger and were happy for it.

the evening before that, i took the seven o’clock train from zurich to basel in order to grant sophia, louanne (yay!) and her cousin a sneak peek at their possible future home (it still sounds crazy, doesn’t it?). and the evening before that, i almost died on a jogging outing with daniela (still amazed i survived. and very sceptic if the running app is really working.). lately i’ve been feeling the need to go outside even more than usual. but i guess sitting in front of the computer the whole day attempting to finally understand photoshop can do that to a girl. not that lying in bed with a book in my hands sounds like a bad idea, either.

let’s talk about eva and jim, then, shall we? although, i have the feeling there’s not really that much to talk about. sure, things are happening, important things (version two eva and david are getting divorced? version one jim and eva welcomed their first daughter jennifer miriam (tztztz) into their lives? version three eva stood up jim?), but it’s all happening so fast and without me as a reader being part of the decision making process that there isn’t much room for guessing and wondering. i’m not sure that’s a bad thing, though. i think one of the reasons i’m enjoying reading the book as much as i am is that i don’t have to think a lot. it’s the perfect read for times when i simply want to escape reality for a few minutes and completely immerse myself into someone else’s life. and although i don’t feel the need to do a lot of thinking while i’m reading, it’s making me think about my own life when i’ve put it down – reminding me that every small decision could potentially change the future completely, or making me wonder what could have happened had i not done things the way i have. strange, but fascinating.

i miss you, as ever.




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