letter eleven to gioia: you’re my lobster

my dearest,

did you know that our beloved ray lamontagne has released a new album? i discovered it today while browsing through spotify’s many many playlists (not to mention some other discoveries that shall not be mentioned here and now) and although i haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, i’m sure one of the songs will be featured on the april playlist (looking forward to matt, by the way.). also, magnus and i watched ‘austin to boston’ yesterday because i had been telling him to watch it for ages, so there’ll be some of that, too. apart from being a great movie (can you please take me along on ALL tours?), it also reminded me that we need to get together to sing all of our songs pronto.

and although it might be hard to believe, i didn’t just spend the whole weekend in bed, listening to the staves and ben howard. oh lordy no. as you already know, friday marked the day of the party at alina’s house. we were welcomed by wide open doors and delicious pasta salad (which apparently took them four hours to make – don’t ask me how that happened, i do not have the slightest idea..), which we devoured instantly. the rest of the night was spent dancing, in the kitchen (of course) and the upstairs room where there were djs and disco lights and even a smoke machine, after thoroughly beglittering ourselves (the glitter is still everywhere. i kid you not. EVERYWHERE.). at four in the morning i decided i’d had enough and so my bicycle and me went home, the shower and bed welcoming me back.

sleep is not my friend, however, meaning i woke up after just four hours, unable to fall asleep again. i made the most of saturday by cleaning up the balcony (spring is almost upon us!), vacuum cleaning and washing and then rewarding myself with a few episodes of ‘friends’ and avocado toast (yup, still can’t get enough of those avocados.) and a hot chocolate during earth hour.

and that just leaves us with today and the phenomenon that is zurich with actual people in it! honestly, where are all these people suddenly coming from? sitting on benches and walking along the limmat and eating ice cream outside – it’s like everybody has been locked out of their apartments. i shan’t complain however, because i too have been enjoying the warmer weather immensely. although daniela and i spent the afternoon at the grafik16 looking at posters and books and websites, we had our sunny moments during the ride to and from the maag halle.

but before i forget, there’s also a book to discuss. so, bella turned out to be the stupid cow we knew she’d be (oh jim..) and initially lovey dovey version one of the story is getting less and less so the further we read, who would have thought. ted hasn’t died yet, but has parkinson and sophie sounds like she might just be my very worst nightmare. things aren’t looking good, i’m afraid. but let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, we still have almost 100 pages to go…

i miss you, miss you, miss you.




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