letter twelve to gioia: osterhäsli, osterhaas

my dearest,

we’ve finished our third book! now ain’t that just crazy? as you know, i’ve been jotting down whatever’s been happening in the three stories, saving me from a lot of flipping back and straining to remember who’s married to whom, whose children are named what and what the respective children are doing in which version. although it wasn’t always easy to stay on top of it all, it did make for an eventful read. one thing  i really liked about the book was that it seemed realistic. remember when i dubbed version one the lovey dovey version? it sure didn’t stay that way, did it. and you know what? i’m glad. sure, there was enough drama within the three versions to fill at least ten, but i’m blaming that partly on the structure of the book; telling three stories in one book means sacrificing some of the blah-blah that normally takes up a fair few pages of a novel. in the last month, i’ve come to know and (this is going to sound so cheesy) love the various versions of jim and eva – i guess reading about someone’s life from birth to death does that to ya. i’ve said this to you before, but i’ll gladly say it again: if there’s one thing i’ll take from ‘the version of us’ it’s that not everything in life needs to happen at its earliest possible point in time. some things are worth waiting for.

so, on a more lighthearted note, happy easter! fret not, i haven’t forgotten you don’t celebrate easter, but seeing as i don’t really celebrate it either (an excuse to eat way more chocolate than usual is always good, though, non?), i think we can let it pass this time, right? apart from the chocolate eating, easter also means an extra friday and monday off from uni. yay! nora and i started into the prolonged weekend by buying the most expensive gin either of us had ever bought (good thing we told the saleswoman we wanted something mid price), but guuurl, it was good. made right here,  in zurich (we did good, check this out!).

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the next day, my mom, andi and i headed to his house in lupsingen (it really is in the middle of nowhere and, funnily enough, quite literally also the middle of the baselbiet.), where we spent the morning preparing lunch. after taking care of dessert (tiramisuuuuuu) we went about chopping various vegetables into the tiniest cubes and the thinnest stripes you can imagine. the main theme was fish of course and lord, there was fish aplenty: cod, trout (which always (always.) makes me think of the campfire scene in ‘the parent trap’) and plaice.

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when all the pots and pans and casserole dishes were filled and ready to be put on the stove, the rest of the family (yup, one big happy family (i’m not even joking)). during the next few hours we filled our glasses with wine, our plates with the by then cooked vegetables, potatoes, rice and fish, the room with laughter (am i getting too cheesy again?) and our tummies with lots and lots of chocolate eggs  we had successfully foraged on the yearly chocolate egg hunt. there was also quite a lot of cooing, mostly directed at emil, the youngest and by far cutest member of the fam.

it was back to zurich for a day of work with a lot of happy customers (you know what? i think sunshine and chocolate might just be the solution!) and a late hour baking session to make a zopf for today’s easter brunch, for which anouk, raphi, mom and andi drove to zurich especially. anouk brought blue eggs, mom two new olivers, one for each of us.

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and that’s that. how was your weekend, favorite lobster of mine? i sincerely hope there was chocolate involved.



p.s. i’ve decided to add my culinary makings to this post, seeing as i’ll be writing another post this week introducing the new book (yaysies!). as i’d already told you the last time we talked, i was thinking about making cornish pasties , in loving memory of jim. well, here they are!

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i decided to make mine vegetarian, but apart from that, they’re pretty much what you’d expect pasties to be, made out of shortcrust pastry and comprising onion, potatoes and good ol’ cheddar. oh and i added some runner beans because i still had some in the fridge and well, some green never hurts, does it?!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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