letter twelve to rahel: suns and moons.

psnuuuuuki psnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuki!

the sun is out. truly. on friday i left my flat without a coat on for the first time this year. and i put mah shades on. spring has officially arrived. let’s not talk about sunday’s hailstorm or the general weather forecast of this week after today. let’s just frolick in the sunbeams, breathing in the warm air and listen to the birds chrip.

your easter weekend sounds ever so lovely. i had no eggs to hunt for, sadly, other than the two or three packs of mini eggs still hidden somewhere in my flat (julien, you cheeky devil). i wish i could’ve been there, somehow secretly infiltrated (maybe as a pseudo long lost great cousin thrice removed?) into what sounds like an amazing family get-together.

with the end of this month another book has been read. ’twas quite a treat, i found. your little review rung very true to me in many aspects. i, also, appreciated the realness of it. i mean, they both definitely didn’t lead average lives, but they most certainly were very realistic. and whilst sometimes what i’m looking for in a book is a fantastical story, so unlike anything i deem realistic, that i can completely dive in without having to compare my own life to the novel, it most certainly doesn’t hurt to read about a story (or three) that could happen to just anyone. well, almost. ish. just like you i also fell in love with all the version, if in different ways. in addition to that, the notion that some things are meant to be and happen in one way or another and at some point or another gives me hope, somehow, although i’m not sure that it’s exactly what the novel was trying to tell us. i’ll just take that from it. i watched a ted talk earlier today (i love ted talks) about a woman who suffers from schizophrenia and when talking about her recovery she said something i feel like relates to the book, and something i think wouldn’t harm relating to my life, too: it may be snowing in may, but summer will always come. that’s nice, isn’t it? and the bright sunshine outside is reconfirming just that.


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food. again, it wasn’t an overly food-heavy novel (maybe we should read a culinary book at some point), but seeing as good ol’ eva had some unspecified french pastries in paris, and i had wanted to make croissants from scratch, that’s just what i did. croissants definitely aren’t something one throws together for just a quick hunger; gurl, dat puff pastry making process takes time. i added a bit of dark chocolate to two of the eight little crescent pastry moons i made, just because chocolate. it was easter, after all. i proooobably shouldn’t have put them into the ever so slightly preheated oven to rise for a final half hour, seeing as room temperature in my flat wasn’t exactly overly cosy, as it caused for some of the butter to melt a bit and probably affected the overall fluffiness of the final pastries. but hey. cooking is about learning and whilst i’ll most certainly rectify my little faux-pas, they still turned out scrumptious.


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i hope you’re out and about sunbathing. or somehow enjoying the sun otherwise.

i love you. let’s make croissants together.




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