letter thirteen to rahel: sunny afternoon(s)

hello there, my dearest psnuki

first things first: ANNA HAD HER BABY!!!!!! i mean, i know you already know. but do you really know? i don’t know, you know? in. sa. ni. ty. now there’s suddenly this tiny human being who looks like anna and is just here. it’s crazy. eifach d julia. with everyone having babies (well, just anna) or being pregnant (MARION!), i’m getting all broody (i hope my dad doesn’t read this, or i’ll never hear the end of it, seeing as he’s already all “this could be you and how dare it not be?!” whenever i give him baby-related news). when anna went into labour actually pretty much a week ago now, lou messaged me and both got so excited that we had to keep chatting and couldn’t sleep and just ended up nervous-eating. good times. i can’t wait for you to have babies. i really can’t. well, currently i have to. but oh lord, will i smooch and snuggle those lil’ things to death (not literally, obvs) once they’re here. yay.

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i don’t know how the sitch is in good ol’ switzerland and the moment, but april truly is doing “was er will” over here; it was so nasty outside today, that i had to put my winter coat and my fat scarf back on, both of which had already been ready to retire for the year. oh well. to be fair, i am suffering from a rather annoying cold and wasn’t overly keen on making that any worse (with recordings happening next week : O), hence the layering.

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i have already told you about all the shenanigan tanika and i were up to last week, and frankly i am too busy wallowing in sickness-related self-pity to relay everything once more, but some highlights just need to be mentioned. like how i ended up discussing classical composers with a guy called jason, who was, i kid you not, probably around 2.25m tall (that’s almost 7’5″ for all of you who use a system that doesn’t make sense) at the m&m’s store. or how we watched the musical “sunny afternoon”, based on the kinks’ story from a lil’ table basically almost on stage (can i just say once more how excited i am about the mere thought of seeing el phantomas with you for the third time?). or how we froze our bums off on the boat ride from little venice to camden and kept switching seats according to where the sunlight hit. or how our night at koko was just insane and involved my having a dance-off with a random ginger guy, founding an air instrument band with two others, spoke french, had to translate a guy’s english to swiss german when he was hitting on our accompaniment and so forth. yeah. good times. we should go to koko when you’re next here. or how tanika and i somehow decided to rewatch high school musical and high school musical 2, just to re-realise how horribly great they truly are.Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

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after taniqua left, having spent five lovely days at mine, i spent the rest of mah weekend with marco. you know. that guy. my contact. the one who’s kind of fluschich. we took advantage of the lovely weather still happening back then, after we managed to finally get our lazy bums out of bed (to be fair, we got back into bed after we had devoured some serious stacks of pancake i’d made which he “(…)would [have made] love to if [he] could” (Marians, 2016) (can you tell by the quote that i’m still in serious dissertation mode? 80% done. yay)) and went to queen mary’s rose gardens for some bench sitting and people watching, followed by some camden lock eats. great times.

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and here i am. with a cold. in the cold. but not really cold, seeing as i got my onesie back out for one final appearance this year. the book. it’s always difficult to say something about it after reading the first part. i feel like i need to read some more to really get into it. what i still can say is the same thing i said to you when we actually managed to start the book together via skype, which is that i’m not surprised that lena dunham endorsed it. it seems right up her alley. to be honest, i’m kind of struggling identifying with our protagonist, cheryl. i mean, i can be a tad paranoid and neurotic, but that lady is taking over-thinking to a whole ‘nother level. truly. and that’s coming from me, the self-proclaimed queen of doing so. in fact, i find none of the characters that have been introduced overly loveable or relatable. and i mean, why would cheryl’s love interest phil, whom she has barely talked to ever, suddenly ask her for her blessing regarding his relationship with a fortysomething years younger girl? it doesn’t really make sense to me. oh well. as ever, time shall tell.

i miss you.



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