letter thirteen to gioia: cleopatra, ophelia, angela

my dearest,

have you had the chance to listen to the new the lumineers album yet? i’ve been doing little else since being able to. oh wesley. and neyla and jeremiah (how great is the name jeremiah, by the way? just sayin’). it all started when alina and i discovered that two new songs had been added to spotify last week and then saw that a whole album would be released on friday! despite not being very gang-appropriate sound, we couldn’t help but listen to the available songs on repeat anyway. the two-week workshop with our belgian guests is now unfortunately over, finished off with two days of designing our part of the publication, which has yet to be printed. being in a fictional gang is fun, let me tell ya. and as long as ordering pizza is part of staying and working at uni until 10 pm it’s not even all that bad.

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it was exhausting nonetheless, so saturday’s calmness was more than welcome. i had no plans other than a relaxed evening with tanika and sophia in basel, which proved to be perfect when my two lovely roomies told me they had invited friends over for brunch. we spent the morning making zopf and other goodies and then had ourselves a cosy cloudy day feast. and then it got even better! one of their friends had brought an entire bag full of essential oils, cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and various containers to make homemade cosmetics. so when our tummies were satisfied, we set about melting and mixing and made ourselves toothpaste, lip balm, body lotion and even deodorant! and the best thing? she also brought a small label writer. have you ever used one of those things? it’s the most fun ever (i might have been slightly over-enthusiastic. in fact, i might still be. but it was fuuuuuuuuun.).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

sunday was equally easygoing – i spent the day getting things done, but did so in a very laid-back manner. sophia came over so we could once more discuss the upcoming summer trip, specifically the car rental. are you as excited as we are? i sincerely hope so! the evening was spent at annette’s house, in the company of laura and elena and of course anouk and my mom. we feasted on flatbread, vegetables and couscous, raspberry mousse and brownies. yum!

alas, nothing has changed since yesterday morning when i sent you the snap bluntly stating that “i’m confused”. i still am. confused because, to be frank, i don’t quite understand what everybody finds so fascinating about the book and its main character. am i missing something? am i misreading or misinterpreting the book? maybe it’s because i was expecting something different (although i wouldn’t even know what that would have been), but somehow, i’m not feeling it. it’s alright to read and sure, i’m curious to how it plays out, but so far it hasn’t been as mind-blowing as i thought i would be, judging by the all the amazing reviews. just like you i don’t find myself relating to any of the characters and i don’t particularly like them, either. maybe this is too harsh, but to me, cheryl just doesn’t seem very realistic. she’s like a more contemporary, even crazier bridget jones sort of protagonist. her globus thing? i can deal with that. her obsession over phil? sure, been there. but the brawling? letting clee take over her home? going to see a “therapist” who pees into chinese takeout containers? as i said, i’m confused. and very curious to what you’ll have to say about the most recent developments.







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