letter fourteen to gioia: juicin’ it

my dearest,

i’ve already said it, but i shall say it once more – last week’s letter? the best! it made me smile and laugh and it made me tear up a teeny bit (who am i kidding, it wasn’t a teeny bit) and of course, it made me miss you more than i already was. there has been a lot of missing these past few days. which are incidentally also the days that i spent in london last year. say whaaaaat? also, exactly a year ago today i got the acceptance letter from zhdk. where has the time gone?? it’s seriously racing by, it’s scary. however, that also means all of our plans for the future (you, me, one week, london) aren’t really that far off anymore! i can’t wait for summer to be here, for festivals and roadtrips and strolls through london town, picnics in parks and rooftop hangouts.

that being said, i’m also enjoying spring right now, or whatever this april thing is. the past days have been good and as much as i’m looking forward to september and the weeks leading up to  it, i’m quite content with time not passing too quickly so i can enjoy some more of zurich, too. yesterday for instance, after going to the velobörse to (successfully) find new old bicycles and then enjoying breakfast (my last for a week (more about that in a minute)), daniela, alina and me headed to the flea market that took place at the rote fabrik, which we quickly added to our list of favorite places in zurich (which, to be honest, isn’t all that long yet). after perusing piles of clothes, jewelry and other accessories, talking to some of the lovely ladies that were there and finding out that most of them were in fact also students of the zhdk and making our purchases, we headed to the café/bar/restaurant next door and indulged in some vegan cake.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

much too soon it was time for daniela and alina to make their way to bern and for me to go grocery shopping. i’m saying groceries, but what i really mean is fruit and vegetables. a lot of it. alfalfa sprouts, 38 apples, 3 avocados, 1 banana, 1 red beet, broccoli, 5 carrots, celery, 3 cucumbers, lemons, limes, kale, 4 pineapples, spinach, zucchini and ginger, to be exact. and all that’s just for the first three days of the seven day juice “challenge” i’m doing. starting today. and, contrary to last year, nora and me are making them ourselves this year. i am exciiiited. and a bit nervous. more excited than nervous, though. at this point, i’ve already had two of the juices and they have been yummy. the first three days are the ones when the “withdrawal” takes place, but after that i’ll supposedly feel a lot better, super healthy and a lot more energetic. you’ll hear how that goes, i’m sure.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

alrighty, the book. first off,  woah! clee had the baby, ate the placenta (somehow not something i can picture myself doing. ever.) and cheryl refound her beloved kubelko bondy. i was expecting that. but the kisses? their sudden affection for each other? while it crossed my mind a few times when reading, i didn’t really stop to consider it as a real possibility. did you? i’m not saying it’s something i never saw potentially happening or that i in any way think it shouldn’t have happened, but somehow i hadn’t expected it anyway. i didn’t spend a lot of time considering what would happen or what that would mean. might be that i was too focused on what would happen with jack (meh, right?), though. nevertheless, i’ve definitely been more invested in the story this past week. (both cheryl and clee are still mysteries to me, though.)

speaking of babies, i can’t wait for louanne to finally visit julia tomorrow so that we’ll be able to gush over how cute they look together. she’s coming to zurich in just a few hours for a concert and also to visit – lucky me!

thank you again for the reminscence, loveliest grizi. i miss you, too.




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