letter fifteen: as time goes by

my dearest,

what an epilogue, am i right? after the whole book had quasi led up to the birth of jack and cheryl finally being reunited with kubelko bondy, it seems as though he was given away after all, flown off to china and just like in cheryl’s day dream, brought back for a reunion years later. meh. i think it’s safe to say that our thoughts on the last one and a half pages sum up our thoughts on the rest of the book as well. it’s a bit of letdown, no? maybe my expectations were too high or maybe i’m just not literate enough, but fact is, i didn’t enjoy the book as a whole. while there were times when reading about cheryl’s many woes was insightful, not to say entertaining, i never felt connected to her in a way i want to feel connected to a character. oh well. it was an experience, it definitely was, just not one i want to have again any time soon.

on to more enjoyable things, like eating the first “real” meal yesterday after seven days of juicing. don’t get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing – making the juices, trying the different combinations, finding my favorites –, it was fun and it was good while it lasted. however, i’ve never looked forward to eating a salad as much as i did on sunday. but boy was it weird to eat something solid again! chewing felt strange and the tastes were special (in the best way); nora and i spent a good deal of the meal silently munching on the different ingredients, first laughing at the sensation of actually biting something, then stupidly grinning. apart from the experience, we now also have a long list of restaurants and bars and cafés in zurich we need to try, having suddenly seen good food at every corner of every street.

incidentally, that list also includes a vegan shop in winterthur, where some of my classmates and i spent last wednesday afternoon/evening. we were there to visit the museum of photography, to see an exhibition on vinyl covers. before going to the museum however, alina took us to said shop where they apparently serve the best vegan chocolate cake. i of course can’t say anything on the matter, but from the looks on the faces of the those who tried it, it must have been a seriously good chocolate cake – well worth another trip to winterthur, i’d say. aside from the vinyl covers on show there was also another exhibition, showing photographer barbara davatz’s ‘as time goes by’. you would have loved this one, i just know it. starting in 1982 with twelve young couples, she took photographs of them (as individuals or couples, with their new partners, their families, etc.) on three further occasions over the years, ending in 2014. it was so much fun to see how the photographed people evolved, how their appearance and styles changed and what relationships they built or gave up with time.

the exhibition and also the movie i went to see on the weekend (‘kollektivet’) has been making me think about families and relationships a lot (not that i’ve reached any interesting conclusions on the matter; i’ve just been enjoying the thinking). i wonder what our lives will look like in a few years…

i miss you, as always.





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