letter sixteen to rahel: travelling on new rhodes

hello hello.


seeing as we didn’t have our weekly skype sesh this wednesday (how was the gig, btw?), i feel like i have a couple of things to update you on. firstly, we finished the book. yay. not really an update, as we finished it together, but you don’t know yet what i cooked as the monthly end of book meal. well. we quickly discussed it when we read the last few pages of good ol’ “the first bad man”, but the book held neither literary nor greatly culinary delights. i didn’t feel like cooking kale with eggs, the only meal cheryl actually cooked, as far as i can recall, however, i did remember pizza being mentioned a couple of times. an evergreen crowd pleased. so, in honour of kate’s apology-pizza and amy’s (jack’s intended adoptive mum) favourite food, i made pizza. like the characters in the book, i was kind of lazy about it, though, using a lovely no knead pizza dough i made a while back, let rise for 16 hours and then froze. having frozen pizza dough around is a great way of satisfying that sudden pizza craving we all sometimes get. or i get, at least. i think pizza can be a lot healthier than its reputation. my version with a fresh salsa pizzaiola, only a few thin slithers of mozzarella, but instead a ton of lovely veggies (in this case mushrooms, peppers, half of a white courgette and some spinach) actually makes for a semi-balanced meal. or so i like to tell myself.

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moving on from joyful times for our tasting sensors to even better ones for our hearing ones; yes, i saw rhodes again (with my ears). yes, i had to. yes, i know we only just saw him in february. but when last wednesday he released the news that he was going to play a teeny tiny gig on the tuesday to come, i obviously had to set my alarm clock to get up and get a pair of the tickets before they were all snatched away (i actually ended up getting mine two minutes after they went on sale), only to go back to sleep once the deed was done. of course, poor marco was the one who yet again had to be dragged to go to a gig with me. despite not having seen me in two and a half weeks (which must’ve been a nightmare for him, obviously), he didn’t seem to mind and actually ended up really enjoying himself. it wasn’t until we got there that i realised, how small the place actually was, and more importantly, THAT I HAD ACTUALLY PLAYED THERE BEFORE! remember mannequins on 7th street’s ep release? where i joined them for a song we co-wrote? that. and then. so yes. i sung on the same stage rhodes did. the pinnacle of my fame, really. which i can totally live with. marco and i sat on a couch in the room next to the “concert room” (i truly don’t know what else to call it. it’s a chamber, almost), thinking they were having a lengthy sound check, until i decided to inquire and realised that our beloved tommy had already been playing for a quarter of an hour! i know. i ran back to snatch up my accompaniment and we went and listened the rest of tommy’s set. once he was done he said he a) was going to be at the merch desk for hugs later and that b) he had brought cds he was planning on selling, but then decided to just give away. what an absolute cutie pie! and that scottish lilt. *sigh* so of course i went to a) hug him (i think i was the only one to actually take him up on that offer. i mean, it is a strange concept, but it was actually a really nice hug) and to b) get that cd. duh. we got chatting and i told him about how we had seen (and loved) him back in zurich. and how i had actually played at that venue before. somehow that turned into a discussion about music and what i did, and believe it or not, he actually knew my (soon to be ex-)uni and told me to send him some of my stuff. imagine that! tommy listening to my music! i have yet to do it. once i have the masters. maybe. if i’m happy with them (as if). he also really loved the way my name sounded and looked (marco commented that it would work quite well as ambigram. #insider), so much so, that he had to show it to the merch lady, who very much agreed. the gig to follow was amazing, bar the fact that they kept blowing fog into our faces. rhodes played some new songs for the first time ever and the audience of maybe a hundred (might’ve been a lot less. you know me and my nonexistent estimation skills) were all really into, which always adds to a gig. so yeah. that was nice. he didn’t play “let it all go”, btw, and i think marco got a tad confused when i grabbed his hand really tightly when rhodes made his way to the piano. i, of course, would have called and/or recorded it for you.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

there was another interesting musical event today: a masterclass. there were only a dozen of us listening to a lovely producer called will hicks who, believe it or not amongst other things, DID THE VOCAL ENGINEERING FOR ONE DIRECTION’S “FOUR” AND ED SHEERAN’S “X”! am i too excited? maybe. but it was rather exciting. and actually insanely beneficial. he spoke about networking and how contacts are of paramount importance in the music industry, so i asked him whether we could send him stuff. #yolo. look at me sending stuff to everyone ever. after those beneficial couple of hours i had dinner with lizz (we were in tears of laughter multiple time) and here i am. and that’s kind of it. the weeks to come will be insane. i have rehearsals with one of my seven bands almost daily, i’m working with barney on his music (just wrote and recorded another song with/for him today), submitting uni stuff (thank the lord i finished my dissertation a month early (i still cannot believe that), trying to keep up at least a some social interactions outside of music, all the while trying not to lose my mind completely.


oh well. i’ll still find time to send you pointless life updates. i cannot wait for norway. cannot.




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