letter sixteen to gioia: eggs with kale

my dearest,

here we are once more, at the end of another month. i’m kind of glad we’re finally closing ‘the first bad man’ phase of the year and so excited to start reading our may book. before we do, however, there was one more thing to cross off the list: cooking a meal inspired by the book. as you wrote in your last letter, finding meals for inspiration wasn’t really that easy this time. the things that stayed in my head were chinese takeout (if that even counts, seeing as only the containers were mentioned, albeit several times), pizza, mac’n’cheese (or am i just making that up?), chips and eggs with kale.

it might come as a surprise to you (i certainly didn’t foresee it, but i ended up going for the eggs with kale thing. what? really? i know. me? the one who doesn’t like the taste of scrambled eggs? well, i think it might be growing on me. i’ve recently developed the theory that i can start liking everything if i just try it a sufficient amount of times. now don’t get me wrong, i’ll probably never be one to eat tripe or an animal’s tongue,  but that’s because the idea of eating either of those disgusts me. something i just don’t like the taste of, however? that’s a different story entirely. ginger for example. if it’s given to me in small enough doses, then yes, i do like it. a smoothie with some ginger in it? sure, why not. as part of an indian meal? hell, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

anyway. eggs. myself and eggs, we are getting reunited again. it’s a process and not one i’m going to prevent from happening. which is why, when presented with the thought of making eggs to conclude this month, i had only the teeniest of objections. i decided to ignore them and set about making myself an omelette. not having any kale around, i opted for broccoli instead (green is green, right?), added some scallions, a little bit of thyme and rosemary, some salt and pepper and two eggs, of course, et voilà: dinner was served!


and just like that, april is over.




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