book five: far from the madding crowd by thomas hardy

for reasons entirely unknown to me, may has come upon us. and with it, the last month in which i’ll (maybe forevermore) be a student. at university, that is. for we always remain students of life. it’s going to be a busy one, with all of our projects and dissertations due, and the final performances taking place in just a couple of weeks (sweet lord).

with all that stress going on, i’m glad we chose a book that will allow us to truly immerse ourselves in it, flee from the busyness of our daily lives. i had wanted to read something by mr. hardy, and in specific this very book, for a while now. so that works perfectly for me. i actually saw the movie just over a year ago at the tricycle, as a part of my current birthday list, which in just a week and a day will have become redundant. oh lordy lord. (i already cannot wait to rewatch the movie with you).

thomas hardy’s most commercially successful story was written in 1874, making it the oldest book we have read for this blog thus far, and is set in the fictional county of wessex. in fact, this novel is the first one of many to follow to take place in this made-up setting. it centers around our lovely protagonist bathsheba everdene (i wonder if that’s where katniss’ surname comes from) who is a farmer in victorian england. the plot follows the drama caused by the various men in her life (obvs) including  william boldwood (i’ll have any william over bill compton any day), who is her “lonely” (according to wikipedia) neighbour, a shepherd by the name of gabriel oak, and a soldier called sergeant troy (hsm4lyf). what awaits us is a lot of love and relationships and betrayal and basically all the drama one expects from a victorian novel. it should be interesting to see how it feels to read a book we already know the plot of (although, to be fair, i’ve basically forgotten 97% of it).

i hope you’re having a drama-free sunday, oh love of my life.



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