letter seventeen to rahel: my sun and stars

psnuki, oh psnuki.

may has been twirling around in the most sunny of her dresses and myself (and another few million people) happily  joined this beautiful month in her dance into spring. it’s warm. and nice. like, stopping in the middle of the street just to tilt one’s head towards the sun and soak up the glorious sunbeams. i have been taking advantage of this lovely weather in a multitude of ways. well, the weren’t inherently different. but different places and different people were involved. on sunday marco and i went on a lil’ spontaneous post-cinema trip (yes, despite the fantastic weather we went to see a movie and with the amazingness that is the electric cinema on portobello road (i could honestly LIVE in those armchairs) i didn’t regret it for a second) to the kensington palace garden, where we found the best place to sit down and enjoy the last sunshine of the day, passing the time with riddles and children’s clapping games. on tuesday i submitted my last ever physical assignment for uni. ever. unless i do a master’s. who knows. but for the time being, that’s it. we spent the rest of the afternoon in the north london tavern, all somehow relieved, but also not really, because a) there’s a lot of work left, b) it just didn’t seem quite real yet, and c) (and maybe that’s mainly me) every step towards getting my degree is a step away from the fantastic three years i’ve had with my uni friends. which is scary. but the sun’s out and i already spoke to you for hours and hours today, so let’s not get too down about right now. i’ll save that for later.
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yesterday was a long-ass day, too. i met up with maren and maike in camden to shoot some video material for our final performances (which are a week and a half away. what. on. earth.), but we mainly ended up dancing like maniacs (honestly), shooting seductive crisp ads and chatting with a drunken brazilian guy who was strolling along the canal with his boom box, blaring out rock and hip hop. oh the giggles.
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as it was may 4th, i.e. star wars day, and the (bunch of) guys are great star wars fans, we obviously had to play another round of star wars monopoly. seeing as i was busy all afternoon i didn’t make it to theirs until 8 and we didn’t actually start until half 9 or so, resulting in the intense battle lasting until the wee hours of the morning (around 2:30 or so). at that point only ali and i were left, everyone but for ben already having gone to bed. very intense indeed. george also got us a congratulatory cake for submitting ours stuff and just to congratulate us on life in general. i shall submit a photo below. and then, as you know, after four hours of sleep (because i still had some hardy to read before i went to bed at 4-ish), i spoke to you. which was lovely as ever. härdöpfel.
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so, hardy. good ol’ tommy boy. i honestly barely remember anything. which is good. i’ll get caught by surprise again. sadly, just like you, i still recalled that horrible sheep episode. horrible horrible sheep episode. to be perfectly honest, i don’t have that much to say yet. i find it easy to get into the story and nicely written, allowing for fluent and relaxed reading. not too much drama thus far (but for dem poor dead ewes), but we both know that there’s definitely a lot of heartbreak a-comin’. so it’ll all be fine. or it won’t.
i miss youuuuuuuu and talking about all the things we’ll be doing this summer makes me very, very excited.

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