letter seventeen to gioia: how fickle her heart

my dearest,

me oh my has it been beautiful the last few days! just like you, i’ve been trying to spend as many hours as possible outside in the sun and it has been pure bliss. although the planned expedition to uetliberg didn’t take place on thursday after all, i got my daily dose of vitamin d when sitting on the balcony reading, eating and just lazing around. we did manage to discover a (to me) newish part of zurich later in the day, although it wasn’t quite as outdoorsy as what i originally had in mind. although i’ve heard and read plenty about frau gerolds garten since moving to zurigo, i hadn’t yet managed to go there. thursday evening proved to be the perfect time to do so, however. gurl, it is beautiful there. it feels like you’ve entered a world of its own from the minute you enter the area. the smell of barbecue whiffs through the air, there are tables everywhere, plants everywhere, several bars and a cart especially for caipirinha. and then there’s the bunting. oh, the bunting! it’s a pretty place and i’ll be sure to take you there the next time you’re in town! (there is also an old photobooth nearby, so pack the props, too..)


the sun carried on shining friday and saturday and although i spent the most part of the two days inside either at uni or work, i managed to sneak in some sun hours along the limmat, jogging in the forest (where i was suddenly very grateful for the shade offered by the trees) and cycling through a another new to me zurich “attraction”, the platzspitz park. on saturday evening i made my way to basel where tanika and i went to see the premiere of kevin’s new play, inspired by one of our favorites, ‘the fault in our stars’. there was laughter and there were tears, just as it should be, and then there was also russian hip-hop, a trip to new york, plus lots and lots of balloons. it was grand, to say the least.

and just like that it was sunday. not any other sunday, no siree! today marked the day dedicated to mothers. anouk and i celebrated our very own mami by going for a two and a half hour walk through fields and forests, up steep paths and down winding lanes, past cows and sheep and ducks, after which we rewarded ourselves with a picnic at andi’s small forest hut. we feasted on all sorts of vegan goodies, fresh berries (the first of the season – yum!) and some moscato in honor of the day. one of the highlights of the day? when anouk and i met at the train station in basel and discovered we had managed to put on the exact same outfit. the shoes, the pants, the t-shirt, even the sunglasses – it was all there! i shall insert a picture below as proof (just ignore our inability to look into the camera).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

home again, i put up my feet and started reading. i, too, find it very easy to get lost in the tale of miss everdene. hardy writes a lovely story, with the most beautiful descriptions that make me want to spend my days in the english countryside. at the side of gabriel, preferably, for i am already quite smitten with him, to be honest. and although i admire bathsheba for her boldness and independence, i am a bit annoyed by her impulsive and fickle manner, afraid for her and her suitors equally. we shall see, we shall see…

forever yours,



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