letter twenty-one to rahel: kommt ein zyklop zum nasenarzt…

sweet psnuki of mine

oh me, oh my, it has been another very, very long week. which is somewhat of a nonsensical statement, really, as all weeks are seven days or 168 hours or 10’080 minutes or even 604’800 seconds long. but i’m sure you know what i mean. some weeks just feel longer than others.

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cheesy as fuck, i know, but guurl, i do love dem poppies.

friday was a bit of a liam-day. quite the liam-day, really. or evening, really. we started our sibling-athon by yet again attending the lovely play you also had seen the day before: die schwarzen brüder. was it necessary to go watch it again? abso-bloody-lutely. totally worth it. after a rather disappointing dinner i’ve already told you all about, we did what hip and young people do on a friday night (or so i’m told (by whom, i do not know)) and attended a wg party. woopdidoop. quite frankly, i was rather surprised by the fact that liam had asked me to come along, as i genuinely already feel horribly out of touch and uncool (more than i usually do) around him as it is, and adding more younglings to that equation probably doesn’t exactly improve said feeling of age-related inadequacy, but whether he actually wanted me there or whether he just couldn’t find anyone else to go, i was all in. we spent a couple of hours at the party, chatting with others and one another, and not having the worst of times. sometime before midnight, however, we decided to split off again, brother and sister against the rainy friday night air, and to move one. let’s just say, there were many strange musical sounds and people and underground passages and tram journeys. all in all, a splendid night, ended by doing cartwheels on empty, rain-wet streets.

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sbb at night, yo.

saturday i spent at taniqua’s, eating all the snacks and watching o.c. for the very first time (scandalous, i know) until the late at night, therefore making getting up early on sunday to go for brunch not the most pleasant of experiences. but, as ever, i had no one but myself to blame. later on sunday you came by, but i don’t have to tell you about that and about how lovely it was seeing you and hugging you and talking to you and lying on your back and watching true blood with you, which, as you know, is one of my fav things to do ever, although i’m just as keen as you are on finally finishing those few episodes, so, after all those years, we can move on to other fantastical worlds.

after an intense skype sesh with louanne on monday morning, i met julien for dinner that night, talking about not much else than our upcoming road trip (well, when i do say “upcoming” i mean in a year’s time), coming up with dozens of ideas to make it as epic and memorable as a road trip through the states has ever been. can you come, too, please? thanks.

which brings us to tuesday (aren’t you loving how i’m literally giving you a retelling of every day of my week? so bloody exciting), where i had lunch at the damen (i shalll tell you more about this later), had a dentist’s appointment (yay), and went to see the exhibition at sophia’s gallery (in my books, she owns it). liam joined us, and we spontaneously went to a gig by lola marsh in the haven of basel, which was truly lovely. the rain had generously decided to take a break for the duration of the concert, which made it all the more enjoyable, as it was outside and all. i mean, three and a half bearded israelis making music plus a singing penélope cruz look-alike? count me in. i think you would’ve liked it, too.

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wednesday brought a blast from the past, in the form of meeting ramona (as you know someone i used to be really close to) after not having seen her in three or more years. can we please agree on never being former best friends? that’d be much appreciated.

this leaves us with yesterday, where we threw a low-key (remember?) dinner party, inviting robbie, who is always splendid to be around. i spent the afternoon creating an ever so exciting (and to spite the rain also summery) dessert, a photo of which i shall post below. i also got the first chance in a week and a half to actually talk to marco (who is currently frolicking in zagred, the bastard), which was much needed and truly lovely, and managed to make me miss him both less and oh so much more. which i’ve experienced with you more than once. as i said, it’s been quite the week.

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moving on to the book. we’re now really getting to the part where things are happening, i find. some moments somewhat reminiscent of “american psycho” (i’m still traumatised) happening. i find it interesting how atwood decided to give us information gradually, like that about unwomen, and somewhat subtly, not presenting everything we need to know on a silver platter, but instead making us work for it. i’m not entirely sure where everything is going (although i do believe she’ll end up impregnated somehow), but i’m invested in our protagonist’s fate, and am still enjoying the read. that’s all i have to say.

anyway. i must dash. things to do, places to be. people to see. i.e. you. tonight. cannot wait.


p.s. i used the few rain-free hours to engage in one of my favourite hobbies (as i’m sure you know): insect and general nature macro photography. not that i know anything about it. but sitting motionlessly for minutes to finally get that bloody be to be still for just a second is more fun than it should be.


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