letter twenty-one to gioia: hello summer sun!

my dearest
i am so curious to hear all about your sri lankan adventures…i know you’ve been eating egg curry for breakfast (how’s that?) and hearing lots and lots of jungle noises, driving through the monsoon and meeting cute families on motorcycles, but i’m sure there’s much much more to tell, so please do.

as you know, i’m currently enjoying my first days off in ticino and so far, it couldn’t have been better. the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence (it. is. hot.) and we’re (that’s daniela, julia, alina and myself) definitely in summer mode. right now i am lounging on the balcony of our lovely apartment overlooking the lago maggiore, the morning sun is warming my toes, chirping birds and a waterfall in the background. it’s heaven here and i don’t want to leave.   

fortunately, i don’t have to for another two days. while we kept ourselves busy the last days with a trip to luino in italy to have some real italian pizza and a hiking expedition in the valle verzasca, today has been announced a lazy day, with pool shenanigans and smoothies on the programme. i’m guessing there’ll be some gelato somewhere in there, too. a propos gelato – of course we’ve had plenty thereof already. on our first day in locarno we stumbled upon probably the best ice cream in town and indulged in some. because who could resist with flavors like rhubarb or rafaello or pineapple-basil? 

and with all vacationing, there has also been time for reading. although my current surroundings have nothing in common with our chosen book, it’s still managed to pull me in. things are happening! secret scrabble meetings and hushed conspirative conversations, not to mention forbidden magazines and latin translations; i feel like we’re finally getting somewhere and i can’t wait to see what happens next. 

i hope you’re enjoying all the curries and rain showers and not dissolving in all the humidity. i miss you.




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