letter twenty-three to rahel: bau-bau

my dearest rahel

as i write this, i am sitting on the floor of gate 43 at the basel airport waiting to board. great times. and even greater times to be writing a blogpost, don’t you think?

this post shall be divided into two sections: 1) monday and b) food. great division, innit? let’s go all anachronistic and start on wednesday, which is when we cooked for, uhm, the last two books. as you know all too well, we’ve both been incredibly busy with all kinds of things, and properly taking care of our beloved blog has fallen a bit short. which is why we decided to combine some quality snukandinski time with catching up with the cooking. which we did. our meal consisted of halloumi (ewe’s milk #farfromthemaddingcrowd), garlic-y tomatoes (red like the handmaid’s robes), home made flatbread, ricotta, salad, courgettes and so forth. i shall let the pictures speak for themselves. either way, it was delicious. and i had missed cooking with you.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 43

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 38

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 40

so. monday. it feels a tad strange to be regaling you with tales you took part in. which is why i shall be addressing this to louanne, who has yet to get the deets from monday. so. a solid two months after my birthday parcel from psnuk didn’t arrive (argh), i finally found out what her present was (other than the great friendship we have, of course): i was instructed to pack a bikini and wear comfy shoes and meet raher at the theater at 9:30. so i did. first, i was given five wrapped gifts of varying sizes (odd gift numbers, i have learned, are a must with rach) which needed to be freed of their papery prisons asap. which is what i did. i found the following items:

two dice

two sparklers

a disposable camera

a pack of taralli

and finally:

a one day travel card for switzerland. all of it.

the plan was set: roll the die and travel our homeland. we made our way to the train station, where, after buying two gipfeli and a pack of raspberries, we rolled the die a first time, resulting in our taking the next train to delémont. just because. the journey wasn’t all too long, and there was a lot of catching up to do, so time sped by even faster. we got off, walked past the swisscom shop where you had bought your first mobile phone a decade ago, and just wandered about for a bit. after a while we came across this beautiful courtyard, which, as we found out, had originally belonged to a castle and was now the pausenplatz of a school.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 22

we made ourselves comfortable on one of the numerous benches and ate the raspberries. once they had all been devoured we made our way back to the station and, because we felt like going for a swim, chose biel as our next destination. luckily the bielersee is only a short walk from the train station, so it didn’t take long until we found ourselves all bikini’d up in a lido. luckily we decided to hop into the water rather soon upon our arrival, because, believe it or not, dearest lou, whilst we were gaily frolicking away in the water, it started raining and thundering and lightning-ing. we fled from the water into more water and changed out of our dripping wet swim suits into soon to be just as wet clothes.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 16

the bielersee, is, well, a lake, and more than that, a lake with boats one can take. as those were included in the pass rach had gotten me, we decided to get on a boat. we spent the next hour and a bit sheltered from the rain, slurping tea, and playing yatzy. you should really play yatzy with us at some point. we’re absolute pros. and we play with each other rather than against each other, for usually we don’t even bother calculating the final results.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 25

when we arrived in erlach (where we went on a camping trip years and years ago), the rain had stopped and we managed to catch a bus to ins without getting our almost dry shoes all wet again. we got off at the local coop to buy some lunch, as at that point we were rather hungry. our picnic consisted of our classics including bread, cheeses, salami milanese, peppers, cherry tomatoes, crisps and was completed with some ovomaltine petit beurres and french salad dressing.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 27

scrumptious. a short walk downhill led us to the local railway station, where we caught the next outbound train to berne. during that trip we ate our lunch at long last, and only briefly stopped in berne to roll the die again: thun was our next stop. in thun (having listened to ry x on our way there) we obviously had to buy me a new wallet (two, in fact. a normal one and a travelling version) and drink free iced tea, as one always does in thun. classic.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 29

roll the die again, and on the way to fribourg we were. i really felt like solving crossword puzzles, so we bought a little collection of them at a fribourger kiosk, and, as you already know, also invested in a trio of postcards, one of which you received. fribourg is incredibly pretty. we roamed the streets in the almost warm air, filling our lungs with that sweet, earthy petrichor. after about half an hour we sat down on some stairs to write the cards.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 35

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 31

it was past eight at that point, but we both didn’t feel like ending our adventurous day just yet, so we let the die decide one last time and allowed them to take us to neuchâtel. it was dusking when we arrived, and it would’ve been the perfect time to light the sparkles, but neither of us had a lighter. tant pis.

Photo 16-07-16 18 09 33

so once more we roamed the streets for a bit until at sometime before 10 we finally made our way to the station. the trip homewards consisted of eating the last of our snacks and literally being in tears from laughter trying to solve the crossword puzzles. literally. because everyone knows how hilarious they are. shortly before midnight our ways parted at basel sbb and quite frankly i had one of the best days ever.

back to you, rahel. i’m about to land in españa, and am already bracing myself for a temperature increase of about 25 degrees celsius (i kid you not). i hope you’re all gurtened up and i shall speak to you soon.

yours in anticipation,



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