letter twenty-two and book seven

my dearest,

it’s been a while since my last entry on our dear ol’ blog. i blame summer and all its summery activities. including our adventure, which you provided recount and photos of. and then some more – so far, this summer has been all about getting to know switzerland a little bit better. which is why i’ve been getting on numerous trains that have brought me to various destinations, most of which i’ve known only from geography classes and road signs (shame on me). i’ve already told you about some of my travels, so i shan’t retell everything again. let me show you some pictures instead!

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an evening in solothurn with the zurich gang

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spiez (where the pope…you know)

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jungle vibes in bern with alina

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lovely louanne in lovely basel

there is, however, one last adventure i haven’t told you all that much about: the gurtenfestival. i only spent two days at this year’s festival and apart from being two great days both musically and fun wise, it also made me look forward to øya so much more than i had already been! thursday started off with a few drinks and nibbles at silu’s house, where i was equipped with rubber boots (good thing, too, although the rain stopped before we left the house). after the half-hour ascent (way too many people waiting for the gurtenbahn), we headed straight to the tent stage, where nathaniel rateliff and his nightly sweats were already in full swing and from then on, basically strolled from concert to concert, starting with the lumineers (wes’ hair is still golden, yes), continuing with muse and ending with boys noize. after a good night’s sleep in a very comfortable bed at my dad’s, day two started with the apparently best pizza of bern (it really was very yummy), a visit to my uncle’s new apartment and yet another trip up to the güsche – or “gürbu”, if you’re my dad and have yet to master all the bernese expressions  – to see johnossi, ky-mani marley, annenmaykantereit, passenger and wanda, to name just a few. i saw some of the prettiest summer light and ate some of the best ice cream and generally had a blast and now i can’t wait for another festival together with you.

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saturday morning was spent at the märit in bern, tasting cheese and sirup and fruit bread and then it was time to head back to basel to make cookies for my mom’s birthday on sunday. said birthday was celebrated with a barbecue in the woods in lupsingen (i know) and apart from eating way too much focaccia and salads and desserts, was very lovely. and now here i am, going back and forth between zurich for work and basel for everything else, including packing because our trip to norway is coming closer and closer.

and since we’re on the topic of norway, what better time to introduce our july book than now? who cares that we’re already three-fourths into the month by now? after the snafu (that’s an actual word i just discovered. it’s great, isn’t it?) with the amazon order and the empty packaging, i finally went and picked up a copy of ‘die unsichtbaren’ by roy jacobsen on saturday. i didn’t know a lot about the book when i suggested it for july, but knowing that it’s about norway and that magnus enjoyed it seemed good enough reason to give it a shot. the fact that roy jacobsen is one of norwegian’s most popular authors didn’t hurt either. his newest book is set on the small tiny island of barrøy off the coast of northern norway and tells the story of the family living there. the only family living there, that is. not surprising once you know the island measures about one kilometer from north to south, only half a kilometer east to west. the journey to the next bigger island takes two hours with a rowboat and as the story takes place between the years of 1913 and 1930, that’s just what the main means of transport was. fittingly, reading has been rather slow-paced so far, but slow-paced in the best possible way. in fact, it makes me want to start our travels right now instead of waiting another five days. when i think of packing, however…

i hope you’re enjoying spain and the sun and marco and marco’s beard and whatever else there is to enjoy.




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