letter twenty-four to gioia and book number ten

my dearest,

it’s been too long. way too long. i’m not going to try and write about everything that has happened since the last time i wrote you a letter via our small corner of the internet, i’m not even sure i’d be able to recollect the interesting bits. which would leave you with a very dull recollection of just the milestones. and nobody wants to read that. instead, let me start by saying that i can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we said goodbye to each other at good old victoria station. a month! it feels like way more time has passed since then, and none at all.

especially the last two weeks have been crazy. life at toni started up again and so much has been going on that i’ve barely been able to come up to breathe. don’t get me wrong, there have been lots of good things, but even those can be overwhelming if there’s no time to take a break. we started the semester with a web design module. which means we’ve been working on our online portfolios, struggling with templates that include way more stuff than we actually want, and with css, trying to get rid of said stuff and modify it according to our ideas. i feel very nerdy sitting in front of my macbook typing things into windows that only two weeks ago looked like complete gibberish, but now kind of makes sense. the number of times i actually choose the right selector and tags and whatnot is still a lot smaller than when i press enter and absolutely nothing happens, but hey, i’m getting there, tag by tag.

on top of normal uni stuff, a few of us have decided to enter a “competition” to give the zhdk’s magazine zett a redesign, which has also been quite time-consuming, but a lot of fun. we’ve worked out a concept and have been adjusting articles and images, working out what to do with index and cover, choosing paper and formats, etc. fingers crossed they (whoever that is) like what we’ve come up! and then of course you know about my new job at the cinema. i worked my second shift wednesday evening during the zurich film festival – very intense popcorn selling, indeed! (very bummed that i missed a chance to actually see alexander skarsgård, who came to MY cinema (yes, it’s mine) last sunday. so very bummed. bummed is actually an understatement. but what can you do, eh? (at least we met ian that one time at koko.))

and then of course there has was last weekend, half of which i spent in zurich, the other half in basel. after the crazy first week of uni, the two hours on saturday morning in bed with our september book felt like absolute bliss (though you reading to me would have made the experience a lot better). i assume you’ve already seen my review on goodreads. two out of five stars (three out of six, i’d say) – although it was quite fun to read, i’m not super impressed by the story. it turned out to be much more ya-ish than i had wanted it to be. i expected more, especially from the ending. i feel like dear emerald (did you know she’s an actress?) took the easy way out, which i thought was quite disappointing. it was just too much too fast for me, in the end. and somehow not enough. (yay for explicitness.) so, yeah. (pizza yeah, maybe. or pizza neah?)

back to the weekend: in celebration of the second marronidaag, lukas, louanne and i cooked up a storm on sunday. after some thorough research on chestnut recipes, we chose three and spent a good three hours in the kitchen chopping, roasting, mashing, baking, whipping and eventually eating our chosen menu: a chestnut, parsnip, apple and goat cheese soup,  a cabbage, mushroom and chestnut pie (to which we also added some pumpkin) and a chestnut mousse. the chestnut shenanigans left us thoroughly satisfied and in dire need of a lengthy walk in a still very summery basel.

the summery vibe has kept up; even now, on the last day of september, the sun is shining and sitting outside in our t-shirts has been the order of the day during every lunch break on toni’s rooftop. nevertheless, i’m ready for october. and very ready to start our new book. again, we have a female author and again it’s a book about children. about one very special little princess. need i say more? i can’t wait to get stuck in!

i miss you and am looking forward to hearing all about your american adventures,



p.s. the playlists. gioia’s and rahel’s.


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