letter twenty-seven to rahel: zupfstube and kaachbe

hello. it’s me. i was wondering whether it might be time for another letter. and it clearly is. as of now, i have been awake for about 36 hours (i wrote 36 days first, which should be a splendid indicator of my mental state). which is why i decided to keep the writing today to (somewhat) of a minimum and instead build this post around photos i have taken on been featured in since my last letter. i must warn you, though, many are blurry and unedited and not exactly artistic masterpieces, but they all tell a story. i hope that works for you.



marco’s phone makes very long photos. weeK™ was also the beginning of the first two of eight great dates for great mates (i didn’t come up with that name. but it’ll have to do for the time being). turns out, marco’s first “manly” activity was the exact same i had planned for my stereotypical woman date, so we went mini-golfing in beautiful battersea park, but not after eating sourdough toast à discretion and wandering around the slowly autumnal woods. after a glorious victory on my part we hopped onto a couple of bikes and made it (almost) all the way to north london where we had to riddle our way out of an escape room against the clock. we made it with sixandsomething minutes to spare. a home cooked deal by chef marians himself and a snuggly movie concluded the first of many great dates (although, let’s be honest, in terms of manliness i’m sure i can come up with more)


my first date of the series started with breakfast in bed. which many men and women love alike. marco had never actually eaten brekkie in bed himself and probably already would have been fine leaving it at that. but oh no. i had plans. most of which had been made the day before, as he wouldn’t have been able to take another humiliating loss at mini-golf. i opted for a london walk (i am 98% certain it was the same guide we had all those years ago for the “jack the ripper”-walk. he was lovely as ever and very interested in the both of us), dinner at what was voted “the world’s most romantic restaurant” located in covent (and lord was it snazzy), a performance of the play “the woman in black” and finally many snogs in multiple forms *winkwink* (disgusting).

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just as weeK™ came to a close, tanika stopped by for a very short forty-eight hours of chats, day trips to the durdle door (aka turtle dior), some shopping, “hook”, and a delicious brunch with calvin. a weekend is never enough.

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and just like that my mum, liam and i had hopped onto a plane and made our way to the big apple.


the first time i ever ate lobster at the plaza in new york. zupfstube.



on our first day in the city we went for a little walk in central park, suddenly finding ourselves surrounded by dozens of incognito secret service agents and a helicopter hovering over us and were faced with most massive tross of swat cars. no one seemed to be keen to enlighten us about what was happening, but after suddenly there was a massive group of people surrounding one person and everyone around taking photos could i enquire that it was in fact the current israeli prime minister. great adventures.

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i don’t know how much i’ve ever told you about taiyo, our japanese-american pflegekind who lived at ours for a year when i was seven and she eleven (and liam a tiny two), but what truly matters is that we hadn’t seen her in fifteen years and finally got the chance to do so, as she lives in new york now. we had fancy ice cream and great italian food for dinner and reminisced in the days when she was my big sister and liam smeared our mum’s red lipstick all over himself and the mirror.

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sibling squad.


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the author of the book himself sold (and signed) me this copy of his first novel (yes, volume iii), and whilst i haven’t read it yet, it already been catapulted into the top three of my favourite books ever, due to many reasons including the fact that he quoted himself in the prelude, shot the cover photo himself and generally was a really unique chap.


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casual modeling in front at the station where we’d get our daily train from scarsdale to grand central.

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double denim ready to board.

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helicopter views.

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on this photo liam looks like the most handsome stereotypical pilot ever.

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ground zero.


lovely italian food in boston (photographed by joe, the most adorable waiter ever)


liam bought these two hands at a bookshop in boston and they’re the worst thing ever to have happened to me. they give me the creeps.


and then there was the day where i went to m.c.i. norfolk to meet truth. just like that. without announcing myself. i hopped into an uber driven by a tiny old chinses man and anxiously embarked on the journey out of boston and to norfolk. through crazy circumstances i was recognised as “sean’s english pen pal whom they all had heard so much about” in the waiting room by nancy, a lovely, lovely lady, who was actually visiting truth, too, joined by melissa, a young lawyer. i ended up spending the whole day in prison, as there was drama with someone smuggling drugs in, so they closed visitation for a while and i had to wait for ages and there were other angry visitors (many of whom i struck up conversations with), but after three hours without being permitted to use my phone, and being searched (one of my fellow visitors gave great tips to allow for the officers not to notice one is wearing a wired bra, as that is one of the many clothing items not allowed) and admitted, it was time. we were led into what felt like a community hall with simple rows of chairs and inmates waiting for their visitors. quite a strange atmosphere. and there he was, my pen pal of two years, incredulous i was suddenly standing before him without him having had the slightest clue. the next four hours were spent chatting about anything and everything, from the presidential debate to ugly babies and kanye (unrelated) and truth’s mum’s new lover. i’m incredibly happy i took the chance to go meet him (and he was happy even more so. he actually said no one had ever done anything like it for him i briefly talked to him on the phone today and he still appears to be recovering, the dear) and i look forward to giving you many more details when we next speak. should you so wish.


child pornography at the boston public gardens.


our lovely hosts’ dog ollie, who betrayed his owners and spent two weeks sleeping in my mum’s and my bed each night.


met phallus


creepy sculpture


and suddenly it was the weekend and therefore time to attend the meadows festival. we spent two days amongst half naked female teenagers, a lot of passive weed smoking, photobombing and being photobombed, some music (highlights included jack garratt, zhu, chance the rapper and børns (below)), people peeing in to bottles in front of us and finally…



…kanye. the day had come where we were to see kanye. it’s a shame he was forty minutes late and left after less than an hour due to an event now much discussed in the media. but hey. we got the full kanyexperience.


on tuesday taiyo took us to a japanese-jewish fusion restaurant. depicted is a ramen matzo ball soup. my tastebuds are still confused.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

views from the high line park.


unfortunate restaurant art. liam and i giggled like two kids for about five minutes. very mature.


me totally getting art at the moma.


magnolia bakery cupcake deliciousness.


and lastly, today. our journey to canada. i don’t actually want to say all too much, but let’s just throw in some key words like four-hour-delay, verdammte saftlade and never again american airlines.

you’re up to date now. mostly.

the book. it’s the first book we’re reading for this blog which i have already read. multiple times. never in english, however. and i must say, i love it just as much or even more than i did when i was a child (did i ever tell you that the first time i read it i only got through half of it and was so upset i didn’t continue for about two years?). we’re not far into it yet, but i can’t wait for the story to unfold. that’s definitely a book i’ll be reading to your kids someday.

i very much look forward to reading from you soon.

yours so tiredly that i can barely keep my eyes open



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