letter twenty-five to gioia: the leaves they are a changin’

my dearest,

your american/canadian adventures have come to an end and it must feel very strange not to be traveling anymore. strange, but maybe (hopefully) in a nice way? i realized that i’ve been back for almost one and a half months now, although it feels much longer than that and although i didn’t want to come home at the time, i’m kind of glad i had to when i did. autumn has arrived in zurich for good now and i’m loving it. there’s fog in the morning and a ton of leaves on the streets and the roasted chestnut stalls are popping up all over the city…it’s lovely.

apart from being full-on autumnal, the past days have been as busy as ever. not much to tell, i’m afraid. web-design has been replaced by type design, which, after the first two days of calligraphy, is still not my favorite thing to do. work at the cinema still mostly comprises making a hell of a lot of popcorn, scanning tickets and reminding people they need 3d-glasses to fully experience the movie. oh! i did make use of my staff badge for the first time last friday, when julia, daniela and i went to see ‚miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children‘. have you seen it? we must talk about it if you have or do so when you get around to it. a lot of amazingness, some weirdness (it’s tim burton we’re talking about after all) and some confusion in the end. loops and such. it needs to be discussed.

as does our book, incidentally. i feel like we made the best possible choice when we chose our book for this month. the story of sara seems perfect for these first few autumn days – for curling up under a blanket with a cup of steaming tea and getting lost in the stories she comes up with. unlike you, i only know the plot from the movie and am enjoying reading the book for the first time. so far, there have been quite a few differences and i’m curious to see what else happens that is new to me. although it’s a children’s book, there’s a lot that resonates with me even now. i’m too old to pretend i’m a princess (and i doubt it would help me if i did), but i agree that sometimes a little imagination is everything it takes to see things in a different light. and more importantly, reminding me that not everything is lost even if you lose everything.

only three more days until we see each other again! yay!




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