letter twenty-six to gioia: dore the dumble

my dearest

you’re probably just lifting off and waving goodbye to basel and its many, herbstmesse-induced, lights. meanwhile, i’m in denial. five months are much too long and right now, the only thing i can do is not think about it too much (not listening to john mayer right now. nope. never.). it was lovely of you to come visit me in zurich this weekend and join in on harryween festivities, plus other costumized shenanigans. i can’t quite decide what my favorite part was – lying on the mattress in front of the fireplace, wrapped in african blankets, watching arnold get attacked by a snake or the spooning session this morning, watching mary judging the bakers for the last time ever or coming up with song titles for our very own wrock band? it was grand. it always is with you.

besides having you here, this weekend has been all kinds of great for other reasons, too. you already know about the concert highlight from friday – bear’s den playing right smack in the middle of the audience, aka where we were standing –, but did i mention that matthew and the atlas and depresno (born in 1996? what? how?!) were amazing as well? they were. and on saturday, i finally made it to kafischnaps for breakfast with louanne and sophia.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

oh and i finally used up all the shots on the film in my camera, so soon i’ll be able to get them developed and hopefully, there will be some already forgotten summer moments to be reminiscent of when i do.

speaking of summer, can you believe it’s almost winter? it feels like the next few weeks will just fly by, there are so many things happening and suddenly, without knowing how it could possibly happen, we’ll be welcoming 2017. isn’t that crazy? i’d like to slow things down, just a little bit. to be able to stop time once in a while and just be. spend a little more time reading or being able to take a walk while the leaves are still colorful and not completely dead yet or bake something. anything. any of those things. but that’s not going to happen, right?

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then again, we can never know for sure. at least according to sara, magic is real. and maybe it is…maybe is just isn’t what we imagine it to be, maybe creating a magical story for others to get lost in is already magic enough. sara’s story definitely is one of the most magical i’ve read – i loved it (i can’t wait to rewatch the movie with you at some point), i really did.

i miss you dearly.




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