letter twenty-seven to gioia: herbschte

my dearest,

hello again! it was ever so lovely to talk to you yesterday. i hope the spaghetti were delicious and your cravings satisfied. i’ve been in a very chocolate-craving mood lately and not gobbling up the bar of walters chocolate magnus brought with him has not been an easy feat. i told him that it would last me through november and december, so i better show some restraint.

(i’m not going to talk about what happened last night; i wouldn’t know what to say…still trying to wrap my head around it, actually.)

as i recently realized, advent is almost upon us. say what?! yes. not even three weeks until the first of the four advent sundays. i guess the fact that it snowed yesterday should make that feel more appropriate, but it doesn’t. autumn is in full swing over here, with overcast skies and rainy rides home and leaves being thrown around by the wind, gust after gust. i love it. what others think is gloomy, i call cozy. i know louanne shares my appreciation for the autumnal atmosphere; she and i both couldn’t really be all that fussed by the rain that almost ruined our herbstmäss-outing the past saturday. although our umbrellas only succeeded in protecting us partly from getting drenched, we were gushing about the colorful leaves swimming by on the rhine, not to mention the sight of swirling leaves when we sought shelter under doorways. of course, the company of sidi mustafa from zunzgen and the smell of roasting chestnuts didn’t hurt.

a propos roasting chestnuts, maybe i am already more ready for winter than i thought. after all, we did spend saturday evening eating fondue and that’s definitely a very wintery thing to do, no? that and the mulled wine plans that have been made should surely help me welcome the colder times. not to mention the cookie making and advent wreath crafting session that have found their way into my calendar. oh dear.

but before i get carried away and start singing christmas carols, we still have a fair few days of november left. and, of course, a book to read. i’ve only managed to read the first two chapters of our new book, but so far i’m a fan. i don’t think i’ve ever read anything that’s comparable in topic, which is making for a very interesting read. as we discussed very briefly during yesterday’s skype session, the language is beautiful, full of imagery and quite poetic. i can’t wait to dive deeper into the story.

i hope you’re all snuggled up in something warm.




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