letter thirty to rahel: eh. 

hello darkness, my old friend. and hello psnuk, my even older friend (a quarter of a century, to be precise)
it’s tuesday in london, and despite it being almost december (i cannot even begin to comprehend), it’s sunny out, so much so that i bravely (or recklessly?) decided to go outside wearing nothing but a blouse and my thin autumn coat (plus trousers and the whole shebang). as you know, i’ve not been doing too well those past couple of days, in fact, not well at all, the “eating chocolate ice cream for breakfast and wearing one’s pj under one’s clothes when one leaves the house so getting back to bed is as easy as possible”-kind. despite all the melodramatic crying escapades, there are a lot of good things happening, too, so i shall concentrate on those:
i am currently on my way to see marion and yoann for the first time since their wedding TWOANDAHALF YEARS AGO!!! and i’ll finally get to meet their baby daughter. my god, i honestly have been looking forward to this for a very, very long time. so that’s good.

i’m still settling in, but i have had the time to see many of my dear london people again, perform with james’ band a couple of times and freak out about how time is just running through my desperate hands. the second date of our date series took place, too, (of the ones i plan, that is), and in good old “what would men enjoy doing on a date” i took marco to an arcade where we played pool and japanese dancing games, and later on to a burlesque show with a subpar dinner but above average bums. in addition to plenty of marco-time (at the moment he stays at mine an average of about four nights a week), i have been spending quite a bit of time with my dear paulina (iña), our plans for moving in together slowly solidifying and becoming more concrete. which is very, very exciting. also, tanika came over for the weekend, and we spent two days filled with winter wonderland magic, passenger (who is now performing with a band), and absolute blast at koko (guilty pleasures is always a win), and brunch with marco and paulina. other than that there isn’t much to say. i’ve been craving sushi lately and that’s about it. oh. and i saw ry x. glorious.

live in action at the acklam village market feat. my new silver skirt

the look on marco’s face upon seeing the burlesque dancers

marco handling his cue. 

the photo ry x reposted on his insta. casual. 

the book. just like you, i very much enjoyed it. it fit into the season and my mood. dark, and with an ever-growing urge to escape the mundanity of our daily lives, be they in a prison cell or a small flat in the pulsating heart of a metropolis.

i hope all is well and i cannot wait to actually speak to you tomorrow.



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